Adobe MAX 2022: In-Person Again!

Tony Morelan

Sr. Developer Evangelist

Having attended the online virtual Adobe MAX conference for the past two years, it was amazing to be back in Los Angeles in person. Unfortunately, this year's conference was limited to fewer attendees and offered fewer sessions. However, the magic was still there; amazing keynotes, highly informational sessions, great networking opportunities, an enormous Expo floor, and the outrageous MAX Bash party.

My unique role at Samsung allows me to utilize my graphic design skills to create social media assets, website graphics, animations, instructional videos, and podcasts. In addition, attending the conference allowed me to further my knowledge and gain new skills related to Adobe's tools and services.

The beautiful thing about Adobe MAX is that if you could not attend in person, all the sessions are free online. Check out the Adobe MAX website for more information. You can also watch key moments of this year's conference on the Adobe Creative Cloud YouTube channel.

Highlights from Adobe MAX 2022

Attending the MAX Sneaks Keynote felt like I was transported into the future. It was truly magical to see Adobe engineers demonstrating the fantastic new photo technology that can change a person's clothes, create original AI photos by simply typing keywords, and wrap artwork to 3D environments. Engineers also showcased Motion Mix, which makes human animations from a single image.

You can experience the future, with co-host comedian Kevin Hart, by watching the full MAX Sneaks 2022 session on YouTube.

The Expo floor was a great place to talk with companies that leverage Adobe technology, network with fellow designers, and pick up a little conference swag. I especially appreciated learning about Adobe's software, making it easy for teams to review video projects, comment, and track revisions.


Adobe MAX Sessions

As a designer, there were many sessions to choose from: software, marketing, social media, and more. Below are several of my favorite sessions, including links to the online recorded videos.

What's New in Photoshop - S6305


Joel Baer
Director of Product Management, Photoshop, Adobe


Explore the latest features and updates in the Photoshop ecosystem on both desktop and iPad, and discover how the Photoshop team is innovating to help you work smarter and faster. Join Photoshop Group Product Manager Joel Baer as he takes you through new creative features, workflow improvements, and performance enhancements. You'll be inspired, leaving with new ideas to spark your creativity and techniques to get more work done in less time.

As Joel shares the latest features in Photoshop, you'll discover:

  • Improvements and updates to powerful Photoshop features
  • What's new in Photoshop on desktop, iPad, and the web
  • Tips and techniques for newcomers, experts, and everyone in between


I have been using Adobe Photoshop for my entire professional career. In fact, my first version of Photoshop was version 2.0, back when Photoshop did not have Effects or even Layers. However, over the past 25+ years, Photoshop has become the leading image manipulation software by developing many unique tools that feel like magic. We probably all have heard someone say, "Hey, that picture was Photoshopped."

Attending Joel Bear's session on Photoshop's latest features and improvements was a great way to learn quickly and be wowed by new tools and capabilities. I especially appreciated learning about the many Neural Filters to manipulate photos and create new imagery using artificial intelligence.

Here are a few of my key takeaways from Joel's session on What's New in Photoshop:

  • The latest Beta version of Photoshop 2023 includes a new Live Gradient tool that allows you to manipulate non-destructive gradients on your workspace canvas.
  • The updated Object Selection tool makes it far easier to select subjects like the sky, landscape, water, and other objects. To remove the subject from the scene, you can use Content-Aware to replace the selected area with the background.
  • The new Backdrop Creator Neural Filter (Beta) makes it incredibly easy to change the background of a photo. Just type keyword prompts, and Photoshop AI will magically create three new images based on your keywords that you can use to replace the background.
  • The Photo Restoration Neural Filter (Beta) can restore old scanned photos with damage like scratches. You can also enable the Colorize filter to colorize black & white images using artificial intelligence automatically.

Premiere Pro for Social Media - S6612


Hallease Narvaez
Executive Producer / Creative Director, Stumblewell


Social media has become a necessity for every creative regardless of focus. Join digital storyteller and former Adobe Creative Resident Hallease Narvaez to learn how to squeeze as much content as you can out of everything you capture by utilizing different features in Premiere Pro. You'll follow along as she takes a longer form piece of content and breaks it into standalone snippets for social. Hallease will cover tools like Auto Reframe and Remix for quick exports and music edits, teach you how to create captions for "sound off" videos, and share her tips to make everything pop using prebuilt graphics in the Essential Graphics panel.

In this session, you'll learn how to use Premiere Pro to:

  • Maximize your content across social platforms
  • Auto-reframe sequences for different dimensions
  • Easily remix music to any length
  • Build closed captions
  • Create unique graphics quickly using Motion Graphics templates


The latest reports from social media apps show that user engagement is far higher if you post a video rather than a still image. For this reason, I was very excited to attend Hallease Narvaez's session on using Premiere Pro to create social media assets. One of the challenges with making videos for social media is the different size requirements of each social media channel. Hallease demonstrated using Auto Reframe, which utilizes motion tracking to maintain the focal point and convert your video into popular ratios such as 1:1, 4:3, and 9:16, all from the original 16:9 sequence.

Here are a few other key takeaways from Hallease's session on Premiere Pro for Social Media:

  • Premiere Pro's Auto Captions uses AI technology to create captions that are easy to edit and stylize. Captions can be very useful for social media channels that do not allow audio.
  • Remix can take any song and edit it to a specific length. Premiere Pro's AI technology analyzes your music to find the optimum places to edit or loop sections of a song to fit your timeline.
  • MOGRTs are motion graphic templates you can customize right in Premiere Pro. There are many templates to choose from that allow for very nice motion text overlays without the need to use Adobe After Effects.

Animation Secrets: Great Motion Transitions in After Effects - S6615


Nol Honig
Designer, Director, Animator & Educator, The Drawing Room


Making your animation stand out takes more than amazing design skills. Knowing fundamental animation techniques in After Effects and when to use them (and when not to) can transform a good animation into a great one. Join award-winning director Nol Honig as he explains the underlying principles of effective transitions, and then shows you how to apply those techniques with examples.

Nol will cover the following - and more - in this informative session:

  • The best way to accelerate and decelerate motion to catch eyeballs
  • Keyframe timing and spacing to effectively get your point across
  • The one transition secret every motion designer should know - but not many do


Of all the Adobe programs I use, nothing gives me more joy than After Effects. There is just something magical that happens when working with motion graphics. But unfortunately, I easily get into an After Effects rut where I have used the same tools and techniques for years. Luckily, Nol's live demo showed me new approaches to animation. One such technique he uses is the graph editor to adjust motion timing. No longer will I use only the numeric values to adjust timing because, with the graph editor, I can change the timing of motion paths visually. Here are a few other key takeaways from Nol's session on animating in After Effects:

  • Animating null objects linked to a camera is far easier than animating the camera properties.
  • The best time to hide a cut is when motion is the fastest.
  • Adding motion blur to a moving element is a dated technique used only by beginners.

Say It with Sound: Maximizing Audio Workflows in Premiere Pro - S6606


Nick Harauz
Director of Marketing at Boris FX, Boris FX


While invisible, a proper audio mix is essential when delivering high-quality story content - the audio drives the viewer. Join Adobe Certified Instructor Nick Harauz as he shares proven techniques and tips for using the versatile tools and panels that make editing audio in Premiere Pro a breeze.

In this session, you'll learn how to:

  • Identify and fix common audio problems such as plosives, background noise, and hums
  • Boost, repair, and unify dialogue in the Essential Sound panel
  • Use Remix to recompose music tracks to fit any length
  • Automatically generate audio keyframes with Auto Ducking
  • Mix in other tracks, such as music and sound effects, to influence viewer perception
  • Enhance your audio with advanced tools and techniques in Audition


Sound has become my new passion. As the host and producer of the Samsung Developers Podcast and creating many tutorial videos on the Samsung Developer YouTube channel, my appreciation for sound has grown exponentially over the past four years. With that comes experiencing the many challenges of working with sound. Nick's session on maximizing audio workflows included many new techniques. My favorite is the sync feature when bringing audio from two different sources. Premiere Pro's sync feature uses AI to match the tracks and perfectly align within the timeline.

Here are a few other key takeaways from Nick's session on maximizing audio workflows:

  • Dynamic Link allows you to leverage the advanced audio editing tools in Adobe Audition within your Premiere Pro project.
  • Audio time units allow you to zoom into the timeline for more detailed editing.
  • Press the control + tilde keys to make your active Premiere Pro panel full-screen.
  • Adjust sound levels louder for social media.

These are just a few of the highlights I experienced during Adobe MAX 2022. With so much more to discover, explore Adobe MAX 2022 online. Take your newfound knowledge and apply that expertise to the great things you create for Samsung.

Community chalk wall display where attendees were inspired to leave their mark.

* Session descriptions are from the Adobe MAX website

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