Get Started in Galaxy Store

The following is a list of tasks (required and optional) and recommended reading to help you start selling your apps in Galaxy Store. A link to more detailed information is provided, when available.

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Register with Samsung

Before you do anything, sign up for a Samsung account. Using your Samsung account, you can register with Samsung Developers and Seller Portal.

Register with Seller Portal (downloadable PDF). Seller Portal is used to manage your applications that are distributed in Galaxy Store. If you want to sell your app in Galaxy Store, you must have a Seller Portal account. The Seller Portal User Guide provides more information about Seller Portal registration. Also, watch the video about how to create a Seller Portal account.

Explore the Samsung Developers portal. Samsung Developers portal provides access to SDKs, services, tools, and guides. You can also sign up for a newsletter that keeps you up-to-date with the latest blogs, news, and events. Register using your Samsung account.

Manage applications

Find out more about managing your applications including preparation, learning about requirements for in-app items and paid apps, registering your apps, testing your apps, and certifying your apps (in Seller Portal).


Discover Seller Portal, understand what you need to do if you are submitting your app to more than one app store, and review the online resources provided by Galaxy GameDev.

Learn about Samsung Seller Portal. A basic overview of the major features in Seller Portal.

Review APK package naming and billing guidelines. When you are submitting a game or app to more than one app store, you need to keep track of the package name and/or version codes you use in your APK for each app store and, if you have in-app purchases, the billing solution used.

Add a Galaxy Store review link. Get feedback from your customers by adding a link from your app to your app's review page in Galaxy Store. Positive feedback can influence users to purchase your app.

Learn about Galaxy GameDev. Review technical support options for game developers.

In-App items and paid apps

Requirements for selling your app or in-app items and testing Samsung In-App Purchase (IAP).

Apply for commercial seller status (downloadable PDF). In Seller Portal, apply for commercial seller status if you are selling in-app items or apps. Commercial seller status is also required if you are testing Samsung IAP integration. The Seller Portal User Guide provides more information about commercial seller status.

Integrate with Samsung IAP (downloadable PDF). If you are selling your app and/or in-app items, you must use Samsung IAP as your billing solution. Samsung IAP includes an SDK, guides, examples, and Unity and Unreal plugins.

Maximize Your Revenue with Samsung In-App Purchase. Learn about the new features and improvements released in Samsung In-App Purchase (IAP) 6.0.

Monetize Your Games With Samsung In-App Purchase. Introduction to Samsung IAP plug-in functionality for Unity and Unreal game engines.

Make the most from your games. Discover different ways to generate revenue in Galaxy Store.

Learn more about Samsung IAP. Review the online Samsung IAP documentation.

Application registration

How to register your app and in-app items in Seller Portal.

Register your app in Seller Portal (downloadable PDF, by app type: Android app, Galaxy Themes app, Galaxy Watch app). How to register your app in Seller Portal, based on the app type. The Seller Portal User Guide provides more information about app registration.

Manage in-app items. Read more about how to manage your in-app items in Seller Portal.

Review the Seller Portal User Guide. Review information about Seller Portal.

Application testing before release

You can test your app before releasing it in Galaxy Store.

Beta test your app. Learn how to deploy your app for beta testing and receive valuable feedback from testers.

Test your in-app item transactions. Test your Samsung IAP integration, such as in-app item offering, purchase, and payment functionality. Available for closed beta testing only.

Test your app on a Samsung device. Test your app on the latest Samsung Galaxy devices using Remote Test Lab.

Application Review

All apps must be reviewed and approved by Samsung before they are distributed to Galaxy Store for sale.

Pre-Certify your app. If you are working with the Samsung Business Development team, your new apps or major updates must be pre-certified. Pre-Certification helps to uncover issues before an app is submitted to Galaxy Store. If no issues are found, pre-certification can take around five days to complete.

Review the App Distribution Guide. Ensure that your app meets Samsung's requirements and standards of quality to pass publication review.

Understand the review process. Check out the steps Samsung takes to review your app.

Prepare for launch

While you're waiting for your app to be reviewed and approved, configure a launch date and learn more about tracking performance metrics.

Set a publication date. Determine when your app becomes available in Galaxy Store. Your app can be published when it passes an initial review, on a set date, or you can manually control the release of your app. In Seller Portal, set the publication date in the Publication tab using the Start Publication field.

Become familiar with Galaxy Store Statistics. Galaxy Store Statistics (GSS) is a tool that is included with Seller Portal and allows you to see the performance metrics of all your apps. Learn about the valuable data available to you in GSS.

Promote an application

Samsung provides marketing resources to help promote your apps and reach your customers.

Engage on social media. Promote your content and attract new customers using our social media kits, hashtags, and guidelines.

Create Galaxy Store badges. Directly link users from your web site or social media channels to your app product detail page. Generate badges from Seller Portal after the publication of your app.

Request a banner. Promote your app and increase your downloads with a banner in Galaxy Store. How you request a banner depends on the app type and Galaxy Store location: Galaxy Themes app (global), Galaxy Watch app (global, except U.S.), Galaxy Watch and Android app (U.S.-only)

Track user data

Use Galaxy Store Statistics or a third-party attribution platform to track user data.

Discover user attribution data. Identify how a user finds your app's detail page in Galaxy Store using Galaxy Store Statistics.

Integrate with third-party attribution platforms. Track user data using third-party attribution platforms integrated with Galaxy Store.

U.S. partner onboarding guidelines

The PDF content provided on this page was taken from the U.S. Partner Onboarding Guidelines. For your convenience, the entire guideline is provided in a single downloadable PDF for each app type.

  U.S. Partner Onboarding Guideline (Android) 4.21MB (PDF)
  U.S. Partner Onboarding Guideline (Galaxy Themes) 3.8MB (PDF)
  U.S. Partner Onboarding Guideline (Galaxy Watch) 3.16MB (PDF)