New SmartThings Console for Device Certification

SmartThings Developers

Key benefits:

  • Quick and easy Works With SmartThings (WWST) certification submission
  • Collaborate across your organization
  • Monitor certification progress
  • Manage consumer-facing product and brand details
  • Ready for Matter device manufacturers

Device partners seeking WWST certification for Hub Connected devices have a comprehensive new tool for end-to-end lifecycle management. The SmartThings Console makes it easier than ever for you to submit Zigbee, Z-Wave, and new smart home protocol Matter devices which use local Edge drivers. Submission and management of cloud-connected devices and certification will be available soon and will be the subject of an upcoming announcement.

Whether your team is in a single office, maintained across verticals, or even spread around the globe—the Console enables cross-functional collaboration with permission-based controls. Invite your engineers, product managers, marketers, and others with the appropriate level of access to allow management of your products, brands, and submissions.

Use the new product submission process to register your integration and include the required details and links. Create and build a library of customized onboarding experiences that walk users through in-app setup screens. If you haven’t previously created a brand for your organization, do so now by including a logo and essential details. Finally, provide the necessary details for testing and certification and hit submit. You can track the status of your submission at any time in the Console. For more information on our certification process, visit the Certification Process Overview in our developer documentation.

Once WWST-certified, your device will be published in the SmartThings catalog, where millions of consumers discover products that deliver the high level of reliability and interoperability they expect from Samsung and partner products. Edit and maintain the catalog content (copy, images, etc.) displayed across the various SmartThings properties from your Console dashboard. Don’t forget to include a product purchase link to provide users who discover your device in the catalog an option to buy from your store of choice!

Set up your account in the Console and invite others to your organization to get started (Samsung account required). For detailed instructions, check out Certify Your Device. For device development and Edge driver integration, visit our Edge driver documentation.