Samsung Product API References

The Samsung Product API extends the capabilities of your application beyond those provided by the Tizen Web Device API.


To use Samsung Product API,

<script type="text/javascript" src="$WEBAPIS/webapis/webapis.js"></script>

should be loaded in index.html.

The following APIs provide access to features specific to Samsung devices.

Table 1. Samsung TV Product APIs
API Description Since
WebAPI You can access the basic definitions used in the Samsung Product API for Samsung devices. 2.3
AppCommon You can switch the screensaver on and off. 2.3
AvInfo You can retrieve information about the screen and audio modes of the TV. You can also set the widescreen mode. 2.3
AVPlay You can implement audio and video playback. 2.3
AVPlayStore You can implement audio and video playback. 2.3
Document You can play office format documents. 6.5
Microphone You can manage a microphone connected to the TV. 2.3
Network You can access information about the network connection and connection-related events. 2.3
ProductInfo You can retrieve information about the TV, such as the device unique ID (DUID), and the model code. You can also retrieve and set system configuration parameters. 2.3
Syncplay You can play the same content on the devices assigned to the same group. 6.5
SystemControl You can control devices. 6.5
SystemInfo You can get the system state and settings information. 6.0
Timer You can turn on or turn off a device at the time you set. 6.5
TvInfo You can manage the TV settings. 2.3
WidgetData You can store data in the application secure storage. 2.3

  • The AppCommonKeyName type definition of AppCommon API is supported since 2.4, and the"Ambient" key is defined since Tizen 4.0.
  • The read(), write() andremove() methods of the WidgetDataManager interface of the WidgetData API are supported since Tizen 4.0.