Hub-Connected: The Newest Addition to the SmartThings Developer Platform!

SmartThings Developers

We are excited to announce Hub-connected, designed to simplify device integration into the SmartThings ecosystem via a SmartThings-compatible hub. Providing a single, powerful platform to seamlessly integrate IoT products, the SmartThings Developer Workspace provides the ability to easily integrate devices through a third-party cloud, and now through a Hub!

Creating a Hub-connected device couldn’t be easier. As with a Cloud-connected integration, you simply Create a New Project.

  1. By choosing Device Integration, you will have the option to create a Cloud Connector or a Hub Connector. Integrate Device
  2. Hub-connected includes 50 Device Handler templates to add your device fingerprint information.
  3. Public access to Device Handler code samples is enabled for ease of development.
  4. A menu-driven Product Information page makes it easy to register the products that are supported by your Device Handler.
  5. Test your device with the SmartThings app and then Publish!

For step-by-step instructions on implementing a hub-connected device, a cloud connected device or creating an automation, check out our Developer Workspace section of our Documentation page. Here, we have provided the flows for you in detail with screenshots to help you navigate through the implementation process.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Fabiola and David from our SmartThings Developer Support Team for one-on-one support. Feel free to provide us with feedback on your experience!

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