Energy in Schools with SmartThings

SmartThings Developers

Samsung Electronics is excited to partner in the UK government-funded project “Energy in Schools,” which is designed to help schools in the UK reduce their energy use and costs, as well as teach students all about energy efficiency through an innovative IoT coding project.

This year, Samsung will be deploying SmartThings tools and micro:bit technology into 20 additional UK schools through a strategic partnership that includes the Centre for Sustainable Energy, My Utility Genius, Lancaster University along with the UK government.

Using a special IoT Learning platform and an energy management portal these systems will aid students and teachers to control and optimize the energy usage within school facilities. Interoperability and automation are the keys to success.

The STEM tailored curriculum will include lesson plans where the students will be using SmartThings APIs to control specialized SmartThings devices which enable students to write and flash code to a micro:bit. Micro:bits act as IoT sensors which report temperature and energy data back to the school’s platform.

The micro:bit is a handheld, micro-computer that can be programmed to create everything from music to robots. For the expanded pilot program the micro:bit learning platform comes equipped with color-changing light bulbs connected to SmartThings outlets which are controlled by the micro:bit sensors. Everything links back to the Energy in Schools platform using a Smart App on each participating school’s account.

The goal is to increase energy efficiency using real-time data while teaching students how the IoT can make all the difference.

The Micro:bit technology is becoming increasingly popular. There have been a variety of activities and lesson plans developed for students and teachers around the world.

Samsung is currently adapting the Energy in Schools platform and lesson plans for expanded use. It will be available in flagship stores. That way people will be able to see live demonstrations and learn how to do basic IoT coding, in order to create their own micro:bit sensors.

The next generation will face many challenges. The technology revolution is beginning to present a variety of solutions. There is no better place than in an educational setting to teach the basics of coding and energy efficiency to face these very real-world problems in real-time.

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