Announcing the SmartThings Schema!

SmartThings Developers

Last month, we released a new way of integrating a new cloud to cloud device using the SmartThings Schema. The SmartThings Schema is a specification used in the device integration and does not require having to use the SmartThings API. The Schema defines the format of the JSON payloads sent from a third-party server.

The Schema also allows for a simplified approach to integrating your cloud-to-cloud device, requires minimal effort of development and provides full support of all SmartThings capabilities.

In order to be successful with the device integration using the SmartThings Schema, it is best to understand some of the key terminology associated with building out this integration.


SmartThings IoT device

A SmartThings IoT device is connected to and controlled through SmartThings Cloud via a device integration.

SmartThings Cloud
A cloud-based platform that seamlessly connects SmartThings IoT devices, providing a central consumer touchpoint through the SmartThings app as well as the SmartThings API for intelligent Automations.

Cloud-to-Cloud Device
A cloud to cloud device is a device that communicates to SmartThings Cloud through a third-party cloud and a SmartThings Cloud Connector. In order to connect to SmartThings cloud to be part of our ecosystem, an established integration and communication is needed from the third party cloud to the SmartThings Cloud. For those devices which already have a cloud, you can simply connect your cloud to the SmartThings Cloud.

SmartThings Cloud Connector
A Connector built with the SmartThings Schema or a SmartApp to enable a cloud-to-cloud device integration with SmartThings Cloud.

4 Step Implementation Process

In order to integrate your cloud-to-cloud device using the ST Schema, follow the following 4 simple steps:

  1. Register a Connector in the Developer Workspace that can fulfill requests sent from SmartThings.
  2. Create an OAuth2 client from your cloud.
  3. Implement the Schema in the HTTPS response.
  4. Test your integration.

For more information, check out our SmartThings Schema documentation.

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