3 SmartThings Developer Videos You Need to Watch

SmartThings Developers

We are thrilled to announce the release of additional SmartThings developer videos which will help you through your development efforts as you build innovative devices and automations on the SmartThings Platform.

In our first SmartThings Developer video, our SmartThings Developer Advocate, Mr. A, experienced the limitations of day to day activities without automations and IoT devices. When Mr. A adapted the SmartThings approach consisting of incorporating IoT experiences seamlessly into the smart home, his life became simple, more efficient and “smarter”. In the video, we also providing you with an overview of the platform as well as information to help you build and integrate your IoT devices, services, and existing solutions on SmartThings Cloud. We also included an introduction to the Samsung Bixby platform which is a next-generation, conversational assistant platform. Through combining SmartThings and Bixby, Mr.A’s experience has transformed into the intelligence of things.

Now that you have a better understanding of our platform, we are taking it a step further in providing you with more insight into the implementation initiatives of building IoT devices and automations which include using the SmartThings Developer Workspace.

SmartThings Cloud Connected Device

In this video, IoT developers craft an idea of building a cloud to cloud device. If you have a device with its own cloud, SmartThings provides you with the tools to allow direct communication from the third party cloud to SmartThings Cloud.

SmartThings Directly Connected Device

When creating a directly connected device, you need to use the SmartThings Device Kit to develop this integration. This directly connected device communicates directly with SmartThings cloud.

SmartThings Automations

Consumers have the ability to create automations in the SmartThings app. As a SmartThings Developer, you can also do this programmatically through leveraging our APIs and through our Developer Workspace.

Stay tuned as Fabiola and David from our SmartThings Developer Support Team will be releasing a series of SmartThings developer screencasts providing you with technical deep dives into developing innovative IoT solutions as well as providing demos on some upcoming new features!
If you have any recommendations for videos or other requests pertaining to content, samples or tutorials, please contact our Developer Support team. We appreciate your feedback!

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