Control Rinnai Water Heaters with SmartThings

SmartThings Developers

Imagine being able to control your water heater from the SmartThings app! Rinnai Corporation recently announced they have successfully completed integration and are now part of our ecosystem. The Rinnai tankless water heater is the first water heater to be included in the SmartThings ecosystem.

“SmartThings allows homeowners to connect their devices and manage them as one. This gives homeowners more convenience and control over their tankless water heater than ever before,” said Mark Buss, Vice President of Marketing for Rinnai.

It is easy to make your device compatible with SmartThings. As a result of Rinnai's successful integration, Rinnai's tankless water heater will be accessible in the SmartThings app which is used by millions of users. The SmartThings app is also available on smart phones, tablets, Samsung Smart TVs and the Samsung Family Hub.

You can connect many different kinds of devices to SmartThings including a cloud-connected device, direct connected device and coming soon: hub connected devices. The integration as well as the publication process is simplified even more through the use of the Developer Workspace. where you create a device profile which allows you to easily define the components and capabilities used by your device. Depending on whether you are building a cloud-connected, directly-connected, or hub-connected, simply follow the steps as provided to you in the developer workspace.

What devices would you like to see connected to SmartThings? Stay tuned for upcoming announcements regarding new device integrations with SmartThings!

If you have any developer related questions, contact Fabiola and David from our SmartThings Developer Support team or check out our SmartThings community page under the "Developer" category.

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