Announcing the SmartThings Github Page!

SmartThings Developers

As we continue to improve the developer experience, we have also made it easier to navigate through our samples and SDKs in order for you to start developing!

Each sample and SDK in our growing SmartThings ecosystem enables you to build and integrate your IoT devices, services, and existing solutions on SmartThings Cloud.
Select your favorite programming language and learn more about the Samples and SDKs we have available for you to simplify your developer experience.

Some of the highlights of tools and resources consist of the following:

SmartThings Schema

The SmartThings Schema is a simpler way to integrate cloud connected devices. Thanks to our SmartThings engineers, a Node.js helper library is available as well as a sample LIFX connector written for ST Schema integrations.


SmartApps are an example of a SmartThings Automation. Automations allow users to control the SmartThings ecosystem without manual intervention. Creating a SmartApp allows you to control and get status notifications from SmartThings devices using the SmartThings REST API.
New Release: Our SmartApp SDK includes a set of JVM libraries for building webhook and AWS Lambda SmartApps, and interacting with the public SmartThings REST API. There is also a Node.js version of the SDK available to our developer community.
In addition to our SDKs, we have available a Yeoman generator to bootstrap a Node.js-based smartapp as well as a SmartApp Node.js tutorial and an example cloud connector using lifx.

SmartThings Community Public

Our public community folder offers a wide range of solutions built by our SmartThings community. If you are interested in publishing your own samples, feel free to push your code to the SmartThingsCommunity public repository and drop a note to our SmartThings developer support team to request to be featured in our upcoming developer screencast series.

We will continue to build out our open source selection and provide additional languages such as Python and PHP. We also welcome recommendations as we continue to build out some additional features and SDKs.

Stay tuned for upcoming tutorials, samples as well as developer screencasts currently under development by our SmartThings team!

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