Introducing the New SmartThings Core SDK for JavaScript.

SmartThings Developers

The new SmartThings Core SDK for JavaScript is now available as a developer preview. With the new Core SDK, you can easily integrate the core SmartThings REST APIs into your JavaScript applications. We’ve built the SmartThings Core SDK with professional developers and hobbyists alike in mind - so that you can freely control and automate thousands of Works with SmartThings devices from your web server, Express app, and more.

Let’s say you wanted to build a dashboard and display all of your SmartThings devices. Here is a sample Node app to get you started - you can use the below code with an OAuth or PAT token to get a list of devices:

Getting Started

If you want to jump right in, we recommend using npm to install the Core SDK for JavaScript.

npm install @smartthings/core-sdk

You can use the Core SDK for JavaScript Wiki to learn more about all of the endpoints available. If you are not sure where to start, visit the SmartThings Community for video tutorials and ideas.

The SmartThings development team has put a lot of effort into building this SDK - we are excited to share it with you. Now, we invite you to start building, ask questions on the SmartThings Community, and provide open feedback.

Thank You!