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tutorials Galaxy Watch, Design

How To Import Your Artwork And Create A Watch Face Using Galaxy Watch Designer

tutorials Mobile

How to Increase Galaxy Store Downloads

Use self-promotion to get noticed and increase your downloads in Galaxy Store.

How to Install Wear OS™ Powered by Samsung Watch Faces
tutorials Galaxy Watch, Mobile, Marketplace

How to Install Wear OS™ Powered by Samsung Watch Faces

Discover the many ways to find and install watch faces for Galaxy Watch4.


How to Package UI and Service Applications Together and Perform Them


How to Set An Image's Borders to Make It Resizable

tutorials Galaxy Watch

How To Take A Galaxy Watch Screenshot

tutorials Mobile, UI/UX, Foldable

How To Update Your Apps For Foldable Displays

How to Use Jetpack Window Manager in Android Game Dev
tutorials Game, Mobile

How to Use Jetpack WindowManager in Android Game Dev

Learn how to utilize foldable features in Android game apps.


How to Use Sensors on a Galaxy Watch


How to Use SkiaSharp in Tizen .NET

tutorials Design, Galaxy Watch

How To: Create A Tap Reveal Button To Show Hidden Data

tutorials Web

HTML and Templates & JavaScript Template Literals

HTML in the Web is often made of reusable components, composed by templates, making it convenient to edit the different parts that make up a website. There are many templating languages used in the web such as handlebars, Pug, Vue and JSX; these are primarily used for composing HTML. Modern JavaScript has templating syntax built in which can use for all kinds of purposes including composing HTML.

tutorials Web

HTTP Live Streaming in the Metaverse?

Welcome to Sylwester who has recently joined our team to work on Web apps (including WebXR apps) as part of the 5G Tours project!

tutorials Galaxy Watch

Identifying Memory Leaks with dotnet-dump and dotnet-gcdump

Learn how to monitor memory usage of a Tizen .NET application and identify possible memory leaks using dotnet-dump and dotnet-gcdump.

tutorials Foldable, Mobile

Implementing Drag-and-Drop across Apps in Multi-Window Mode

Learn how to implement drag-and-drop for Galaxy Z Fold devices.

tutorials Web

Improve Device Integration for Your Web App in Just a Few Minutes

This was a feature I had set aside an afternoon to implement but in the end it only needed a moment and made the experience significantly better.

events AR/VR/XR, Design, Game

Improve Your GearVR Development: Tips from SDC2017 Sponsor, Unity

tutorials Web

Improving web performance with responsive design

Improving web performance with responsive design--Making your web app adaptive following responsive…

featured Marketplace, Mobile, Galaxy Watch

Increase Downloads from Galaxy Store with Galaxy Store Badge Updates

To help developers and designers find success in Galaxy Store, we chatted with Niklas Lyback about the latest updates to Galaxy Store badges

tutorials Mobile, Marketplace

Increase Your Downloads With Galaxy Store Badges

events Game, Mobile

IndieCade 2020: Highlights for Game Developers

Learn more about Samsung's participation in IndieCade 2020 and why indies should publish their games in Galaxy Store.


Install Tizen Baseline SDK

tutorials Galaxy Watch, Marketplace

Install Watch Faces for Galaxy Watch5 and One UI Watch 4.5

This updated article explains how to install watch faces using your watch, phone, or computer browser

tutorials Galaxy Watch

Installing .NET Diagnostic Tools on Tizen Devices

Tizen 5.5 supports a new sdb shell CLI command called dotnet, used for advanced testing and debugging scenarios.

tutorials Design

Installing Tizen Studio on the Latest macOS and Avoiding Notarization

How to avoid notarization issues when installing Tizen Studio on macOS.

tutorials Blockchain

Integrate a Payment UI into Your TRON DApp

Learn how to integrate the Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK payment UI into a TRON DApp.

tutorials Blockchain

Integrate Payment UI with Your Ethereum Dapp

Make Ether transactions easier by integrating the Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK payment UI with your Dapp.

tutorials Game, Mobile

Integrate Samsung IAP in Your Unreal Engine 5 Game

Monetize your Unreal Engine game in Galaxy Store using the Samsung IAP Unreal Plugin.

tutorials Game, Mobile

Integrating Samsung IAP in Your Unity Game

This blog shows how to integrate Samsung IAP with a Unity project using the Samsung Unity IAP Plugin.

tutorials Mobile, Game

Integration of Samsung IAP Services in Android Apps

An app server is required to validate a purchase of in-app item. This blog explains how an Android app can communicate with a server.