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Strategies for Success: Making Your Brand Successful

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What’s Global Privacy Control?

The internet should be safe to use by default, this is something that I strongly believe, and a big part of ensuring the safety of internet users is trust. For someone like me, who works in tech, navigating cookie/privacy permission notices, rotating passwords and the general safety procedures that come with surfing the web is, at most, an annoyance. For those outside of tech, though, it’s unrealistic to expect them to stay on top of all these things and using the internet becomes increasingly unsafe for them because many services breach users trust by using users’ data without their consent. The internet should be safe for the most vulnerable internet users without them having to jump through so many hoops. There is a lot of work to be done to getting to an online utopia where all users are cared for, but we’re starting the work. Privacy and data protection is the big ticket item at the moment, a number of governments and ruling bodies have already put together groups of laws that protect user’s online data (GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, etc) and these rules have led to an uptick of privacy permission notices, some which use dark-patterns to trick users to give permission to have their data sold. For you and me, these notices are jarring, especially considering they’re on every site and require us to make sure the correct boxes are ticked. But, what if I told you there was another way?

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Adapt Your App for Galaxy Flex Mode

To provide users with a convenient and versatile foldable experience, developers need to optimize their apps to meet the Flex Mode standard. In this article, we discuss some APIs of Google’s new WindowManager library to optimize apps for Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold2 devices.

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Maximizing Game Performance and Experience with the Samsung Galaxy Ecosystem

Samsung empowers game developers and gamers with services within the Galaxy ecosystem.

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Increase Downloads from Galaxy Store with Galaxy Store Badge Updates

To help developers and designers find success in Galaxy Store, we chatted with Niklas Lyback about the latest updates to Galaxy Store badges

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Samsung Internet 13.2

Today we are happy to announce another big update to Samsung Internet. You can try it out as a beta today or soon in the stable release. This release continues our drive of giving a smooth user experience, allowing you to change Samsung Internet to your needs.

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Dark Mode in Samsung Internet

NB: This article is contributed by Samsung Internet lead engineer Varun Paturi

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Announcing the Winners of the 2020 Best of Galaxy Store Awards

The Best of Galaxy Store Awards recognize the top games, apps, themes, watch faces, and new this year, Bixby capsules.

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SIEGE 2020: Marketing Your Games in Your Local Community

Don't forget to work with your local gaming community to promote your indie games.

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Perfecting Your Game Pitch: Learnings from Pocket Gamer LaunchPad

Learn how to create an effective pitch for your indie game

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Animate Your Avatar Using Galaxy AR Emoji SDK for Unity

The Galaxy AR Emoji SDK for Unity enables control of the user's AR Emoji avatar in your application, such as using the avatar to represent a game character. This tutorial shows how to use an AR Emoji avatar in a Unity android application for Galaxy devices by adding different animation movements.

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Seamless UI Experience of Your App for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2

Maintaining the legacy of foldable technology, Samsung recently released the new Galaxy Z Fold2. This device is designed to provide a new and seamless experience to users with its Infinity Flex Display. As a developer, you can adjust your app to provide the best UI experience to your users. In this blog, we will demonstrate how a stopwatch app can be modified to adjust with Galaxy Z Fold2 devices.

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IndieCade 2020: Highlights for Game Developers

Learn more about Samsung's participation in IndieCade 2020 and why indies should publish their games in Galaxy Store.

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Workout, a Tizen Sample App: Using CircleListView to Display Data

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Workout, a Tizen Sample App: Gathering Heart Rate Data

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Workout, a Tizen Sample App: Calculating Distance Traveled

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Save the Date for the 2020 Best of Galaxy Store Awards

The Best of Galaxy Store awards recognizes the top games, apps, themes, watch faces, and new this year, Bixby capsules.

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Notable Sessions from Previous Samsung Developer Conferences

Check out top break-out sessions from past editions of the Samsung Developer Conference.

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Top Moments from Previous Samsung Developer Conferences

Today we feature top moments from the main stage keynotes as well as other special events.

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Adobe MAX 2020: Highlights for Designers

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Zooming In/Out in Samsung DeX Mode

Samsung DeX offers a PC-like experience for a phone app. This blog explains how the mouse wheel up/down action can be used to implement the pinch zoom in/out action in a DeX-compatible app.

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Take your Ethereum Dapp to Galaxy Devices Around the World

Learn how to easily transform your Ethereum Web Dapp into a fully functional Android App using Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK.

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HTML and Templates & JavaScript Template Literals

HTML in the Web is often made of reusable components, composed by templates, making it convenient to edit the different parts that make up a website. There are many templating languages used in the web such as handlebars, Pug, Vue and JSX; these are primarily used for composing HTML. Modern JavaScript has templating syntax built in which can use for all kinds of purposes including composing HTML.

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Joining Samsung Internet

This is my first week on the Samsung Internet team as a Developer Advocate and things still feel very surreal but 2020 has been full of (mostly bad) surprises so it’s nice to be celebrating something good and new.

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Redeeming Push Notifications

You know that thing where you go to a web site then, before you can do anything, you have to acknowledge the push notification request. Do you hate that? Yeah, me too.

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Samsung “Global Goals Web” Debuts

Not long ago, Samsung introduced its Global Goals partnership with the UN as a way to help fight inequality, plan to eliminate hunger and clean up the planet. The initiative, developed by a team in Samsung Research America, was a great way to discover each of the 17 goals agreed by the world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly in 2015. The app (linked below), is a great way to put your device to work for the greater good, features interesting wallpapers, information, and allows you to display ads on the lock screen to earn revenue for donations. This app is available for every Android device so you can start earning donations now (see link below).

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Android Game Analysis with Arm Mobile Studio

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Folding the Web: Enabling Real Responsive Design on Foldable Devices

Although new to the industry, the concept of folding devices already has plenty of iterations. Samsung, Microsoft, Motorola, Huawei and others have presented devices with folding capabilities, that allow them to expand into small tablets, compress into smaller footprints, or enable more productive multi-tasking.

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Send Ether with Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK

The Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK enables Android developers to develop applications that interact with the Etherum blockchain platform.

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Cómo Usar el Samsung In-App Purchase SDK en sus Juegos Creados con Unity

Aprenda a usar el SDK de compras desde Aplicaciones en sus juegos de Unity y tenga una nueva forma de monetización