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Bring your Unity Game to the Samsung Galaxy Store

Learn how to reach a new gaming audience by publishing your Unity games in Galaxy Store.

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Unpacking Galaxy Unpacked: Key Takeaways for Developers and Designers (Aug 2020)

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Using Node Modules in Deno

Using Node Modules in Deno

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Identifying Memory Leaks with dotnet-dump and dotnet-gcdump

Learn how to monitor memory usage of a Tizen .NET application and identify possible memory leaks using dotnet-dump and dotnet-gcdump.

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Making a useful ‘offline’ page for your web app.

In ideal conditions the user will always maintain a good connection to the web but things are seldom ideal. Fortunately since we’re been building a web app we have a service worker which has the capability of caching network responses.

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Finding Performance Bottlenecks with dotnet-trace

Learn how to profile a Tizen .NET application during startup to identify major performance issues using dotnet-trace.

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Installing .NET Diagnostic Tools on Tizen Devices

Tizen 5.5 supports a new sdb shell CLI command called dotnet, used for advanced testing and debugging scenarios.

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Adding Augmented Reality to your Websites

Last week we told you about our latest Beta, 12.1, which offers a host of quality-of-life improvements for end users. We’re also really glad to announce that with this beta we are also shipping modules for the WebXR Device API that enable Augmented Reality (AR) content to be built right in the browser: including the “hit test” module. Hit testing allows you to detect the position of the real world at a single point on the screen which can be used correctly position virtual objects in the real world.

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Samsung Habla Español: Desarrollo de Aplicaciones con Tizen

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Features of the Samsung Developers Portal that You Might've Missed

Learn more about the Samsung Developers Portal.

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Best of Galaxy Store Awards 2019 Winner: Alexandr Kovalev Designs a Beautiful Summer Vacation

We continue to celebrate the top performing apps in creativity, quality, design, and innovation, as we interview winners of our Best of Galaxy Store Awards. Today, we're talking with Alexandr Kovalev about how he creates dials (watch faces) for the Galaxy Watch.


Get Answers on the Go with DiscourseHub

Use the DiscourseHub mobile app to connect to the Samsung Developers forum from your mobile device.

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Samsung Internet 12.1

One benefit of using Samsung Internet is regular updates to improve your browsing experience. Samsung Internet 12.1 focuses on improving the experience on specific devices and improving the tab bar and tab switcher.

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Asynchronous Coding Concepts for Tizen .NET Applications

Asynchronous coding is essential for writing responsive and efficient programs. This article explains a few basic concepts of asynchronous coding in C# and some common practices in Tizen applications.

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Test Your Watch Face on Real Devices in Remote Test Lab

If you are a watch face designer and want to distribute your watch face, it is highly recommended that you test your watch face on a real device before publishing it.

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Tizen Tidbits: Reviewing More UI Samples

This video will review the heart rate monitor and the Tizen Advanced UI samples.

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Tizen Tidbits: Working with Sensors and the Heart Rate Monitor

This hands-on video will show you how to work with the wearable device sensors.

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Best of Galaxy Store Awards 2019 Winner: Get Outside with Niantic Labs' Greg Borrud

We continue to interview winners of our Best of Galaxy Store Awards. Today, we're talking about games that take players out of their homes and into the real world.

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Top Tips for Galaxy Store Badge Users

Congrats! You've published your app on the Galaxy Store. Now it's time to let the world know with a Galaxy Store badge.

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Enable Water Lock Mode in Galaxy Watch Using Tizen Web App

Water lock mode was introduced on the Galaxy Watch to prevent accidental touches and wake-up gestures on your screen while swimming. And the thrilling news for developers is that you can enable Water lock mode directly from your app.

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Introducing the New SmartThings Core SDK for JavaScript.

The new SmartThings Core SDK for JavaScript is now available as a developer preview.

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Announcing Tizen Template Studio

We are pleased to announce the beta release of Tizen Template Studio! Tizen Template Studio is a Visual Studio 2019 Extension that uses a wizard to generate templates and help you create a Tizen .NET app.

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Avoid Common Mistakes When Using the S Pen Remote SDK

You can use the S Pen Remote SDK to map S Pen actions and gestures to features in your application. Learn how to avoid common mistakes when using this SDK.

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Game Development Live Chat Replay

In this Live Chat, we talked about game development with Samsung technologies.

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Take Your TRON Dapp to Galaxy Devices Around the World

Reach more people with your decentralized application (Dapp) by using the Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK

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Tizen Tidbits: Introducción a Tizen

Esta publicación te dará la información básica para el desarrollo de aplicaciones con Tizen.

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Samsung Habla Español

No pierdas la oportunidad de conectar con otros desarrolladores hispanohablantes en Samsung.

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Tizen Tidbits: Using JavaScript to Change your App’s Appearance

Learn how to modify the appearance of your Tizen web app using JavaScript.

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Best of Galaxy Store Awards 2019 Winner: Matteo Dini on Building a Successful Brand

Interview with Best of Galaxy Store Awards 2019 Winner Matteo Dini

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Tizen Tidbits: Page Navigation with Tizen Advanced UI

Learn how to move through different pages in your Tizen web app.