Increase Downloads from Galaxy Store with Galaxy Store Badge Updates

Niklas Lyback

Director, Developer Success, Samsung

You invest so much time and effort on engineering and creating amazing content; however, it’s also important to invest in promoting your product. To help developers and designers find success in Galaxy Store, we chatted with Niklas Lyback, Head of the Developer Success team, about the latest updates to Galaxy Store badges.

What are Galaxy Store badges?

Galaxy Store badges are a marketing tool to help increase app downloads. A badge provides a direct, trackable link to help optimize and improve marketing efforts. You can use these links in social media, on websites, in email campaigns or anywhere on the web when you want to send users to the product detail page of your content in Galaxy Store.

Badges have two distinct elements: a Galaxy Store short URL and the actual badge image. A short URL looks more professional on social media and, in addition to tracking clicks, helps with reporting and consumer insights. A Galaxy Store badge is a visual cue that helps the consumer understand that the link will take them to the app store.

What are the main benefits that badges offer developers?

Badges allow you to be more proactive in your marketing – they improve targeted advertising, help you understand your audience better, and support overall brand-building and promotion. It’s also been proven that badges help drive consumers to your store. The reports in the Seller Portal show how the page views and downloads are driven by different sources: downloads from the badge links versus organic searches.

What are the new updates to Galaxy Store badges?

There are two improvements to Galaxy Store badges: the way sellers request performance reports and new information the report provides. Moving forward, the click count report which was previously available on is deprecated and you are provided a new form where you specify the time period you wish to examine. This report is generated in minutes and emailed to you. New information now in the reports is the cumulative clicks per country. This information helps you to optimize your marketing efforts, as you will learn more about your customers. Both these changes were just rolled out in December.

What is the process of signing up for Galaxy Store badges through Galaxy Store Seller Portal?

Once the game, app, watch face or Theme has been certified and has obtained sale status, under the promotion tab and badge, you can create the short link to content item. You need to create the tag “” and then the tag can be considered as a campaign code that can be used to create multiple links for different channels, in order to test which one converts the best.

You can find more details about the full process on our website.

Are there any Galaxy Store badge success stories that you’d like to highlight?

Best of Galaxy Store Awards 2019 Winner Matteo Dini is a great example of how badges can be integrated into your strategy to develop a successful brand.

Matteo used Galaxy Store badges to not only help build his brand, but as a promotional tool that helped him manage the success of campaigns through monitoring clicks and results.

How can others emulate his success?

Start early in building your brand and create a presence on social media. It will pay off in the long run. Marketing and user acquisition are key strategies to develop alongside your product.

Something else to keep in mind is to invest in paid promotion, since it increases organic discovery. When you promote an item and it gets downloads, it climbs up the rankings. Since merchandizing teams use an internal top growing list to discover new items to share, paid promotion is a big part of increasing your chances of being featured in Galaxy Store.

Are there any resources developers and designers should be consulting?

In addition to badges, we have a complementary collection of marketing resources - social promotion guidelines, social media kits, Galaxy Store Asset Creator, and lifestyle photo assets - to help you create polished content for digital and social media.

The new Galaxy Store badge click report with country information is available here.

Are there any final thoughts you’d like to share?

When you invest in your store and take control of promotion, it can help with customer acquisition and ultimately financial success. Galaxy Store badges are an excellent tool to help you understand your audience and build brand legitimacy.

We want to thank Niklas for sharing compelling insights on Galaxy Store badges to help developers and designers successfully promote their products.

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