Galaxy AR Emoji SDK for Unity

  • Here, we will primarily provide information for testing purposes.
  • To officially utilize the AR Emoji model for your service, it is highly recommended that you initiate discussions with us.
  • If you're interested in our SDK or enhancing user immersion through avatars in your service. please consider requesting a partnership.

To Partner

Use AR Emoji SDK to use AR Emoji in the services you develop.
Before that, a partnership is required.

To use the SDK, please request a partner and share the purpose of using the SDK.
Once a partnership is concluded, you will see a banner as shown in the following picture.

Through the banner, you can try out the SDK.
This is just an opportunity to check what the SDK is.

If you would like to use AR Emoji in your service, please contact us.
It requires a formal consultation.

  1. Try the SDK with the package name and the keystore for testing purpose.
  2. For official launching of your app, please contact us and describe your services in detail.
  3. If there's no issue after reviewing, the package name and the signed apk will be added on the list of AREmojiEditor app.
  4. Then AR Emoij model can be officially used in your app.

The Samsung Galaxy Avatar is the AR Emoji

Samsung Galaxy device users can use the AR Emoji feature to create an animated avatar from a photo of their face or selecting a few suggested characters. The avatar can display a range of emotions and body movements.

The Galaxy AR Emoji SDK for Unity enables you to use the user's AR Emoji avatar in your application, such as using it to represent a game character.

Please fill out your partner application form and explore more collaboration opportunities with many avatar related service providers.

AR Emoji - A Brief Introduce

AREmojiEditor Application

The AR Emoji feature on Samsung devices enables users to create a 3D avatar model that can be used in other applications on the device.

Avatars are becoming more important than ever. AR Emoji is the avatar for Samsung Galaxy device users. Users can create an 'AR Emoji' that looks just like them.

Also, they can take photos and record videos using AR Emoji. And users can create their own character stickers with diverse expressions and actions.

And now AR Emoji can be your avatar. It's the same thing as an avatar on other platforms like Game or Metaverse.

High Quality 3D Model

The created AR Emoji model is high quality.

It's a smooth high definition rendering.

And there are many joints and bones, enabling natural body animations.

AR Emoji also provides a number of blend-shapes for natural face animations.

Expanding as Samsung Experience

Recently, AR Emoji was integrated into the Watch face on the new Galaxy Watch 4, no longer only on Galaxy Phones.

In this way, AR Emoji will take more essential roles as Samsung's avatar going forward.

AR Emoji SDK for Unity - 3rd Party Collaboration

So, Samsung providing the SDK to explore more partnership opportunity with developers like you.

The Galaxy AR Emoji SDK is providing assets which helps developers of Game make service using character.

The SDK provides a way to take, render, and animate avatar models.

This method enables the use of human-like characters for services in the game.


The AR Emoji Editor feature on Samsung devices enables users to create a 3D avatar model that can be used in other applications on the device.
The SDK provides a way to take, render, and animate avatar models.

Partnership Request Process

To use the Galaxy AR Emoji SDK for Unity, you must become a Samsung partner.
To request partnership:

  1. Open the partnership request form.
    If prompted, log in to your Samsung Account. If you do not already have a Samsung Account, create one.

  2. Enter your company and developer information.
    Your name, email address, and country are filled in for you.

  3. Enter information about the application for which you are applying to use the Galaxy AR Emoji SDK for Unity.
    Provide the name and description for the application, and attach documents that detail the application features and use cases.

  4. When you are ready to submit the request, click "Submit".
    Your partnership request is reviewed. When it is approved, you receive access to the Galaxy AR Emoji SDK for Unity libraries and documentation.

  5. Use the Galaxy AR Emoji SDK for Unity to develop your application.

Development Environment

To build and run AR Emoji-enabled applications, following tools are required:

  • Unity LTS Release for Windows and Mac

    If you encounter the following error, do this. Please check if "Version Control" is installed in Unity's package manager and remove it.

  • Supported devices

    Samsung mobile devices can download AREmoji Editor app from Samsung Galaxy Store.
    AREmoji Editor app is installed such as Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy S23

  • Gradle for Android

  • Recommend targeting Android API level 30 or higher

  • IDE for editing Unity script, such as Visual Studio
    For example, the script can be edited to test how the application appears on various screen sizes, such as 1024x2048 px.