Release Note


  • Release Date:

    September 26, 2019

  • Release Contents

    Health Device Specs BLE compatible guidelines for following health devices:
    • Blood glucose meter
    • Blood pressure monitor
    • Heart rate monitor
    • Weight scale
    Samsung Health specifications for following health devices:
    • Exercise monitor
    • Enhanced Heart rate monitor
    • Pedometer
    • Sleep monitor
    Samsung Health specification for multiple health service devices:
    • Handling multiple data types
    • Setting user info

    Test App Test tools to check basic operation for:
    • Blood pressure test
    • Blood glucose test
    • Heart rate test
    • Weight test
    • Enhanced heart rate test
    • Exercise test
    • Step test
    • Sleep Test
    • Multiple health service test

    Verification Tool It checks overall implementation of your health device for whole Samsung Health’s device specs.

Change History

[New Feature]
  • Weight scale
  • User data service is defined for a multiple user scenario. See its spec 2.0.
  • The following tools to test your health device are added.
    • Test apps
    • Verification tool
  • Samsung Health Device SDK v1.0.0
    • A new SDK release