Test Apps

Test Apps download | Sep 26, 2019
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Samsung Health Device SDK’s test apps help a basic test. You can check paring and measured data transmission with these tools. The verification tool provides full checks for Samsung Health Device’s specs. It can be used after these test apps. They are composed of the following services.

  • Blood pressure test

  • Blood glucose test

  • Heart rate test

  • Weight test

  • Enhanced heart rate test

  • Exercise test

  • Step test

  • Sleep test

  • Multiple health service test

If the health device follows one more specs, use the multiple health service test app also.


Test Apps
  • Downloads test apps and install wanted test apps on an Android phone.

  • Test apps run on Android 6.0 Marshmallow (API level 23) or above.

  • Turn on the phone’s Bluetooth.

BLE Health Device
  • Prepare your BLE health device that follows Samsung Health Device specs.

  • Power on the health device

How to Use Test Apps

Secret Mode

1. Run one of test apps and allow the location permission.

Secret Mode

2. Tap SCAN button.

Secret Mode

3. Check optional functions with the top-right setting menu and select your health device in a scanned BLE device list.

Secret Mode

4. Select OK or enter PIN code to pair your health device with the test app.

Confirm the pairing on your health device also.

Secret Mode

5. Your health device and the test app are connected.

If it fails, unpair the health device and try from step 2.

Secret Mode

6. Measure health data with the health device and check the data is shown on the test app well.

Secret Mode

7. You can see health device’s more info through the test app’s top-right menu.