1. What SDK does my app need to target to run in Samsung DeX?

Ideally, you should be targeting SDK 24 and above. Apps targeting version 23 and below can still run in Desktop Mode, however, some features may not work correctly.

If you are not targeting SDK 24 and above, users will receive this message when opening the app in Samsung DeX: "Some functions of this app may not be supported in Samsung DeX.”

2. What are the minimum requirements my app must meet to open in Samsung DeX?

Unless apps declare that multi-touch or touchscreen are required, they will run in Samsung DeX.

To run your app in Desktop mode – which features a resizable window – you must follow these key requirements:

  1. Support Multi Density for xxxhdpi (640 dpi) and mdpi (160 dpi).
  2. Support Mouse or trackpad interaction.
  3. Support Android N Multi-Window and explicitly declare android:resizableActivity=”true” in the Manifest.

For more information, see Modifying your app in the DeX developer guide.

3. Why doesn’t Multi-Window work, even though android:resizeableActivity="true" has been declared in the Manifest?

Your app might have targeting the wrong targetSDKVersion. Android:resizeableActivity is supported when the targetSDK version is greater than or equal to 24 (Android N). IF targetSDKVesion is under 24, activities are only resizable when the screenOrientation is not set as fixed. Check to make sure you do not have this code in your manifest:

android:screenOrientation="portrait | landscape">

4. Why can’t my app be re-sized in Samsung DeX like other apps?

When an app is launched in Samsung DeX, it adopts 1 of 2 different window types:

  1. Desktop mode: Apps that comply with Android N Multi-Window Standards. They operate in Free-Form Multi-Window Mode and can be re-sized accordingly.
  2. Fixed-size Window Mode: Apps that do not comply with Android N Multi-Window standards. They operate only in a fixed mobile dimension and cannot be re-sized.

5.My Bluetooth mouse and keyboard are not working in Samsung DeX, why?

If an app is having issues working with a mouse and keyboard in Samsung DeX, check to make sure they are not explicitly disabled. Ensure these 2 statements are not declared in the Manifest:

<uses-configuration android:reqTouchScreen="finger" >

<uses-feature android:name="android.hardware.touchscreen" android:required="true">

6. What is the reason for the following notification: "Some functions of this app may not be supported in Samsung DeX”?

This message appears when an app doesn't support Multi-Window Mode. Multi-window is a feature supported by devices with Android 7.0 Nougat or later. It allows the user to freely resize the app screen. Ensure that you are targeting SDK version 24 and have declared the following in your manifest:


For more information on implementing Multi-Window, see Android's Multi-Window reference guide.

7. Some of my app resources are not being displayed correctly in Samsung DeX. For example, some menu icons are overlapping each other.

These layout issues may occur if you have not modified your code appropriately to handle the density display changes required to run apps in Samsung DeX. For example, you may need to provision separate images in both xxhdpi & mdpi for your app in order for it to display properly.

For more information on density changes, see Androids guide on run time changes.

8. My app does not always change to the proper resolution correctly when switching between Mobile and Samsung DeX Mode. What might the problem be?

This can occur if your app custom UI framework does not handle the density change from xxhdpi to mdpi properly. Try checking the onConfigurationChanged() method. Sometimes the .newConfig parameter can hold the old density value. For instance, when switching from DeX Mode to Mobile Mode, the density value in the newConfig parameter sometimes still reports 160 dpi.

For more information on density changes, see Androids guide on run time changes.

9. My app sometimes displays the wrong density UI resources when switching from Mobile and Samsung DeX mode.

This can occur if the resources for the activity – fetched using Activity.getResources()– are not changed when switching from Samsung DeX mode to Mobile mode. To avoid this problem, ensure that resources do not remain persistent from the same application session.

10. Do I need to install any special apps or use any APIs to enable Samsung DeX?

No. Samsung DeX is preloaded in Galaxy S8, S8+, S9, S9+, and Note 8 devices.

11. An error occurred while using Samsung DeX, what should I do?

Please report errors that occur while using Samsung DeX. By letting us know the issues that need to be fixed, you are directly contributing to how our service improves with future updates. How to report issues:

  1. While using Samsung DeX, open Settings.
  2. Select the button with three vertical dots (︙More) on the upper right corner.
  3. Select: Ask Questions > Error reports
  4. Describe the error you encountered then select the "send system log data" check box.
  5. Select Report.