Why build a Samsung DeX compatible app?

Reports show that 74% of IT workers use two or more devices for work, 52% used three or more. This increasing fragmentation causes lost productivity. Samsung solves this problem with Samsung DeX and brings the PC-like experience to Android.

Samsung DeX compatible apps utilize the powerful features offered in Samsung DeX Mode. This robust, multi-tasking environment encourages users – and provides them with the technical capacity – to adopt Android as a primary ecosystem for any task: word-processing, photo-editing, games and more. Apps that are not modified to be compatible with Samsung DeX can still be launched, but operate in a fixed-size window with limited functionality.


Apps in Samsung DeX take advantage of Android N's new Multi-Window features. Users can open multiple apps in the same session to work, connect and interact seamlessly together.


Apps launched in DeX mode can be expanded into a full screen, immersive window. Showcase the full features of an app without the expense of screen real-estate.


Samsung DeX compatible apps add powerful features to the mobile experience. Drag and drop files between windows, copy and paste between multiple apps, ALT+ TAB, and more.