Exciting Things Are Coming to Galaxy Store Publishers

Samsung Developer Program

The Samsung Developer Program has announced the launch of the Best of Galaxy Store Awards 2019! The inaugural Best of Galaxy Store Awards launched at SDC 2018 and acknowledged the best app, game, theme, watch face, and watch app. Galaxy Store publishers selected for this prestigious award exemplify excellence in innovation, quality, and creativity.

Here is a look at what’s new with the Galaxy Store in 2019, including exciting new features, offering increased promotional opportunities for developers.

With the addition of editorial pages, also known as Editor’s Picks, developers have the opportunity to see their apps featured in personalized app recommendations (which are automatically algorithm-generated relevant recommended apps) for the category a user is searching for.

We talked with Ed Viejo, Director, Content & Services, Galaxy Store, and here is what we learned:

Q. Tell us what is new with the Galaxy Store?

A. So many exciting changes have happened with the Galaxy Store. Earlier this year we launched a new version. Not only did it bring a brand-new look but also a number of improvements as well as new features. From more personalized recommendations to enhanced search capability. Integration with Samsung Rewards give our users more ways to spend their earned points. However, the most exciting feature is our new editorial pages which enable us to craft stories to more effectively promote the unique content and apps available in the Galaxy Store.

Q. Why did you launch the Best of Galaxy Store Awards?

A. We believe the hardworking and dedicated community of developers are the heart of the Galaxy Store. Over the last few years the store has made some incredible strides forward and our developers have contributed to this success. Therefore, we wanted to recognize and reward the best work that this community has to offer because the store cannot exist without them. We are looking forward to recognizing those developers with the Best of Galaxy Store Awards 2019.

Q: How can Galaxy Store can help developers get new revenue streams and user acquisition?

A. There are many resources available to publishers on the Galaxy Store to support the success of their apps. A key resource available to publishers is the Galaxy Store badge.

Samsung Developer Program members can create their very own Galaxy Store Badges that put their apps, watch faces, and themes center stage on their personal website; their branded media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube; and drive customers to their Galaxy Store pages in a single click. Whether they're running paid media campaigns or just promoting themselves on the web, Galaxy Store badges can increase downloads by 7 times over organic search.

TIP: Learn more about how to use a Galaxy Store badge to promote your app through your own channels, improving discoverability and the opportunity to be selected as a future Best of Galaxy Store winner.

Q. What can winners of the Best of Galaxy Store Awards 2019 expect?

A. This year we are looking to expand the number of categories to recognize even more developers. Some of the winners will receive are additional personalized promotion within the store, a Best of Galaxy Awards 2019 app banner, an award, and other partner recognition that are still in the works. New this year, we plan to do an editorial spotlight featuring of all the winners.

Q. How can developers reach more customers across more devices with the Galaxy Store?

A. In 2018, Samsung shipped more than 292 million smartphones worldwide. As the global leading smartphone vendor, Samsung is known for consumer products such as mobile devices, home entertainment systems and more.

The Galaxy Store is a premium, one-stop-shop marketplace where our users can get the most out of their Galaxy devices tailored to their needs. Customers are looking for Wallpapers, Themes, Fonts, and Galaxy Watch Faces to personalize their devices and give it a unique look that fits them. They use Stickers to make their messages fun. The Galaxy Store helps these customers discover curated and "Made for Samsung" apps that are optimized for their device for the best user experience.

Our goal is to help more developers reach more customers and delight end users by delivering experiences that blend with the intent of each device and service context.

Q. What is next with the Best of Galaxy Store Awards 2019?

A. Stay tuned to updates on the Best of Galaxy Store Awards 2019, including information on the selection process an expanded list of categories, interviews from some of last years’ winners, and tips and tricks on being selected.

Q. When will the winners of the Best of Galaxy Store Awards 2019 be announced?

A. Winners will be announced at the Samsung Developer Conference in San Jose, California, held October 29-30.