Seller Portal 2022 Q1 Updates

Samsung Developer

Starting this year, we are announcing Seller Portal updates on a quarterly basis, presenting the most meaningful information about the changes made over the last 3 – 4 months. In this blog, we’ll discuss updates to managing your reviews and specifying devices when registering your Android app.

Manage reviews

Many consumers rely on the overall rating of an app and written reviews to decide if they should install it. Therefore, it’s important to constantly monitor and manage your customer ratings and reviews. Keep in mind that the customers who try your app and take the time to leave a review are valuable because they show an interest in and support your app.

When you regularly manage your reviews and respond quickly to negative reviews, you can attract potential customers and gain loyal followers.

To get to the Buyer Comments section in Seller Portal, select Assistance > Buyer Comments.

Filter reviews

By default, reviews are sorted with the newest comments at the top. You can search and filter your reviews so that you can quickly find and respond to comments left by your customers. In addition to filtering your reviews by content ID, app name, country/region, device, star rating, and time period, Seller Portal has added two new filters for status and keywords. Also, the star rating filter has been improved.

  • Star Rating – Search for reviews in a range of ratings. For example, you can find all reviews that rate your app with three stars or fewer.

  • User Comment Status – Search for reviews based on your reply status. Find reviews to which you have not yet replied (to see if you need to respond to them), reviews to which you have already replied, or reviews that have been modified after you have replied (to see if you need to update your response).

  • Review Comments – Search for reviews by keywords such as “bug” or “super.”

Select and reply

While you can continue to reply individually to each review comment, you can now select one or more review comments to reply to (using the same response) and you can save frequently used responses to use at a later time. While it is better to personalize your response to each comment, sometimes it may be necessary to reply quickly to similar comments with the same response (for example, if a recently updated app has a problem, you can reply to any negative reviews with a message that a fix will be released soon).

To reply to one or more review comments, select the checkbox next to all comments to which you want to reply and click Select and Reply (located above the table of comments, next to the green Excel button).

Select the checkbox next to Save this response to save your message for future use.

Learn how to increase the number of customer reviews for your app by adding a Galaxy Store review link.

Specify devices

When registering your Android app, you specify the devices on which your app runs (based on resolution or other criteria). We’ve made this task easier by allowing you to specify the devices after uploading your binary. Additionally, compatible devices are automatically selected for you and you can filter devices based on device specifications such as type, resolution, Android SDK version, chipset, GPU, RAM and screen density. We hope that this will make it easier to select or exclude the devices on which your app runs.

Note that the exact specifications for each device are not displayed and these detailed specifications cannot be downloaded. Depending on the filter, some older devices may not be found in a search. Also, because specifications change, the list should be used as a reference only (you may need to select or unselect devices whose specifications have changed).

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