About Tizen .NET

What is Tizen .NET?

Tizen .NET is an exciting new way to develop applications for the Tizen operating system, which runs on 50 million Samsung devices (including TVs and wearables) worldwide.

Existing Tizen frameworks are either C-based with no advantages of a managed runtime or HTML5-based with fewer features and lower performance than the C-based solution. With Tizen .NET, you can use the C# programming language, Common Language Infrastructure standards, and benefits from a managed runtime for faster application development and code execution that is efficient and secure.

You can develop and run Tizen .NET applications on both wearable devices and TVs:

  • Wearables: Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active, Gear S3, Gear Sport
  • TV: 2018 Smart TV models or higher.

Official developer training and guides

Major GitHub projects

Tizen is a Linux-based open-source platform. Most of the Tizen .NET-related projects have been developed on the public GitHub.

Programming Environment

.NET Standard API

One of the major components of .NET Core is the .NET Standard. The .NET APIs provided by Tizen .NET follow .NET Standard 2.0. The column titled 2.0 in the official list of the supported CoreFX APIs shows all available .NET APIs.

There are .NET Standard API limitations on Tizen. For more information, see Limitations of .NET Standard API on Tizen.


The TizenFX API contains a variety of features that allow your applications to access platform-specific functionalities. This API enables Xamarin.Forms applications to perform functions that a native application can perform.

A brief explanation for each namespace of TizenFX is provided on the bottom of this linked page.


Xamarin.Forms provide cross-platform APIs, which allow you to create user interfaces that can be shared across platforms. The Tizen .NET Visual Studio extension enables Tizen support for Xamarin.Forms.

You can efficiently build your Tizen .NET application UI and its supporting logic using Xamarin.Forms APIs. Extended details for these APIs are available on the Xamarin.Forms website.

Here are some helpful Xamarin.Forms extensions:

  • Tizen Circular UI helps you easily and efficiently create Tizen wearable-specific user interfaces.
  • Tizen TV UIControl provides many UI controls that you can use when developing TV applications.