This guide explains how to set up a Tizen .NET development environment on Windows.

Developing a Tizen .NET application requires three software tools.

  1. Visual Studio IDE
  2. Visual Studio Tools For Tizen
  3. Tizen SDK

The rest of the page briefly explains each of them and guides you how to install them on Windows.

Installing Visual Studio IDE

Visual Studio is a popular Integrated Development Environment(IDE) developed by Microsoft. Having many tools that work very well for C#, Visual Studio is considered the standard IDE.

Follow the steps below to install Visual Studio IDE:

  1. Download Visual Studio 2022 installer. Choose any variation among Community, Professional, or Enterprise.

  2. Either install Visual Studio, or modify your existing installation, and install .NET Multi-platform App UI development, .NET desktop development, and Desktop development with C++ workloads.

    Figure 1. .NET Multi-platform App UI development workload

Installing Visual Studio Tools For Tizen

Visual Studio Tools for Tizen is a Visual Studio extension that helps the development of Tizen applications by linking the Visual Studio IDE with the Tizen SDK.

Take the following steps to install Visual Studio Tools For Tizen:

  1. In the Visual Studio menu, select Extensions > Manage Extensions.

    Figure 2. Extension > Manage Extensions
  2. Click Online on the left menu and search "Tizen" in the search bar on the top-right corner.

  3. Download Visual Studio Tools for Tizen.

    Figure 3. Manage Extensions window
  4. Close Visual Studio, the installation will start automatically.

    Figure 4. Manage Extensions window
  5. When the VSIX installer window appears, click Modify. The install may take several minutes. When finished, Close the window.

    Figure 5. VSIX Installer

Installing Tizen SDK

Tizen SDK is a collection of essential software tools for Tizen application development. It includes:

  • Package Manager
  • Emulator Manager
  • Certificate Manager
  • Device Manager
  • ...

The following steps show how to install Tizen SDK through Visual Studio:

  1. Start Visual Studio. On the Visual Studio menu bar, select Tools > Tizen > Tizen Package Manager. Tizen SDK installer window will pop up shortly.

    Figure 6. Tools > Tizen >Tizen package manager
  2. Click Install new Tizen SDK, and click I Agree if you accept the license agreement.

    Figure 7. Tizen SDK Installer
  3. Set an empty folder path for Tizen SDK. Then, click Next to start the installation of Tizen SDK. It will take a few minutes.

    Warning: An unexpected error may occur if there is an empty space within the installation path of the SDK. Make sure there is no space in the path.
    Figure 8. Tizen SDK Installer
  4. If you can run the Tizen SDK tools on the Visual Studio menu bar Tools > Tizen, the installation is complete.

    Figure 9. Tizen Package Manager

Installing TV emulator is provided under the Extension SDK tab.

Figure 10. Installing Tizen TV Emulator

You have now completed setting up the development environment. From here, you can learn how to build a simple app by following a series of tutorials in Get Started.