FAQs are here to help solve the various issues you may face while developing Tizen .NET applications.

Together, we can make Tizen .NET better.

Tizen .NET has been developed mostly on the public GitHub. You can start contributing to the following projects, or open an issue in any GitHub repository:

We will also keep an eye on the Xamarin.Forms repository to help with Tizen platform issues.

Set up environment for your Mac OS. Visit Installation for instruction.

We do not recommend to use Parallels currently.

You can try developing in the Parallels environment with the Nested Virtualization option enabled. However, we have a number of cases in which the emulator fails to boot at the kernel stage.

To check the detailed hardware and software requirements for Tizen Emulator, see Emulator Requirements.

  • Make sure you download and install the EXACT version of Java Development Kit (JDK).

  • Make sure Hyper-V is disabled (in Windows 10 or higher).

  • You can try deleting and re-installing emulator images at Package Manager.

  • Intel Hardware Acceleration Execution Manager (Intel HAXM) speeds up the Tizen emulation on Intel-VT-enabled systems. The Intel HAXM installation is started automatically as part of the Visual Studio Tools for Tizen installation. For more information, see Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager.

You cannot add another Galaxy Watch device unique identifier (DUID) to the existing distributor certificate file.

.NET Standard

The following standard APIs are not fully compatible with the platform implementation of .NET Core on Tizen. Using these APIs in your applications or libraries may cause unexpected behavior.


Xamarin.Forms 3.0+

There are some Xamarin.Forms limitations on the Tizen platform. Limitations depend on the version of Xamarin.Forms.

The shared list of limitations is available at Current Xamarin.Forms limitations.