Samsung Wearables

Samsung Extension APIs

Tizen Samsung Extension APIs based on C# provides some functionalities of the device's platform capabilities.

Samsung Accessory Protocol (SAP)

Only the Samsung Accessory Protocol (SAP) API is provided for the wearables.

The Samsung Accessory Protocol (SAP) API lets you to exchange data between a Samsung Smart device and an Accessory device using the Samsung Access Protocol. You can discover SAP services, make Accessory Service Connections and exchange data.

Tizen Circular UI APIs

Consider using Tizen Circular UI for the Galaxy Watch applications.

The Tizen Circular UI is a helpful extension of the Xamarin.Forms for the Galaxy Watch.

The extension provides the beautiful circular UI controls that fit perfectly on the Galaxy Watch.

Check out the Guides and the API Reference, and see what are provided.

You can easily create an UI application that follows the Samsung UX using Tizen Circular UI APIs.