Building your first app

In the following tutorial series, you will implement a simple step counter application called MySteps, which implements only a couple of functionalities compared to a real-world step counter application. Nevertheless, building MySteps will help you understand the basic knowledge for developing a Galaxy Watch application.

The following list briefly summarizes the topics covered in each tutorial:

  1. Creating and running a project

    You will learn how to create and build a Tizen .NET solution/project in Visual Studio. You will also run the project on an emulator or on a real device. Each tutorial will show the results performed on a Tizen 5.5 wearable emulator, but you can see the same results on a Galaxy Watch.

  2. Creating the main page

    We will explain the minimum basics of Xamarin.Forms—an User Interface(UI) API that Tizen .NET apps use to build its UI. You will also learn about XAML (eXtensible Application Markup Language) markup language that instantiates and initializes Xamarin.Forms. Using these new skills, you will create the main page of MySteps that welcomes the user.

  3. Navigating multiple pages

    You will learn how to navigate between pages in MySteps.

  4. Using Tizen sensors

    This tutorial will show you how to use the pedometer sensor on a Galaxy Watch and how to request permissions to access users' private data.

  5. Using Tizen.CircularUI

    We will introduce a unique UI control of the Galaxy Watch, called CircleProgressBarSurfaceItem in the Tizen.Wearable.CircularUI, a UI library for Galaxy Watches.

When you're ready, proceed to the next tutorial to build MySteps.