Bixby Remote-Endpoint

By using Automation Studio, you can simply make a Bixby remote-endpoint. You can extend and manage your remote-endpoint easily. 'Bixby endpoint'/'Bixby response' Nodes provides the basic functions to make a Bixby remote-endpoint. The 'Bixby endpoint' Node accepts HTTP Requests and Bixby capsule parameters (Bixby concepts that you defined) from your Bixby capsule. The 'Bixby response' Node returns the results to your Bixby capsule.

To read more on the Bixby Developer Center guide, especially Remote Endpoints :

Making a Bixby Remote-Endpoint

  1. Set your parameter to 'Bixby endpoint' node.

  2. Define your Remote-Endpoint business logic.

  3. Define the results that will be sent to the Bixby capsule.

  4. Set the 'remote-endpoint' property in the 'endpoints.bxb' of your Bixby capsule.