Progressive Web App

Progressive Web App (PWA) is provided as one way to use Samsung Automation Studio Mobile (SASM) on your devices. You can install SASM PWA on your mobile device through Samsung Internet or Chrome.

How to install

When you log in to your Samsung account on the Samsung Automation Studio site, you will enter the mobile workspace. The browser asks if you want to add it to your home screen. Select this to start installation. Another way is to use the browser's installation icon as shown below.

When using a Chrome

  • Chrome browser recommends "Add SASM to Home screen" at the bottom.

  • Chrome browser provide "Install app" on menu.

  • Confirm the "Install app".

  • Install status is shown in the notification area.

When using a Samsung Internet

  • Samsung Internet provide Install Icon at the top.

  • Confirm "Install on your Apps screen" at the bottom.

  • Install status is shown in the notification area.

Get Start PWA

  • Select the SASM app on your home screen.

  • The homepage of the SASM app. Click Workspace.

  • Mobile workspace is supported.

  • Allow the notification to send a push from the Notification node.

PWA feature

  • Mobile workspace: Display templates and your apps at mobile resolution.
  • Notification to PWA: You can send push message from the Notification node to PWA.