Automation Studio Capsule

The Automation Studio capsule, distributed in the Bixby marketplace, allows you to call apps running in Automation Studio via Bixby Voice.

Install on Bixby Marketplace

You can find the Automation Studio Capsule on the Bixby Marketplace as pictured below. Say "Start Automation Studio" through Bixby Voice. You can run the flow you have deployed.

When you call Automation Studio for the first time, you need a connection between your Bixby account and the account used by Samsung Automation Studio. Log in to your Samsung Automation Studio account and the connection will start.

Once the connection is complete, say "In Automation Studio, run hello" to Bixby once again.

If you are not subscribed to Samsung Automation Studio, you will need a subscription first.

Create flows with Capsule label and Capsule result

You can create a flow using the Capsule label node and the Capsule result node. You can call it from Bixby Voice with the name you wrote on the Capsule label.

For a more detailed writing guide, see the tutorial below.