Samsung Automation Studio

The Automation Studio allows you to integrate Samsung Bixby, SmartThings and 3rd party (your) APIs.

Connect it with Samsung Bixby and SmartThings!

You can start a free trial. The 6th Promotion will end when the free trial code we have prepared are exhausted.

Samsung account

A Samsung account is your gateway to the world of Samsung. When you sign up for a Samsung account, you gain access to Apps and Services of Samsung.

SmartThings support

Samsung Automation Studio supports SmartThings integration via SmartThings node customization.

Bixby Voice support

Bixby Voice can execute your flow that designed with "Capsule label" node and "Capsule result" node.

Securely stored

Manage and store your flows. Simply export and import. All files are encrypted and securely stored, protect in what matters.

Pre-defined flows

Start with pre-defined flow templates for a mashing-up various cases. Get inspiration and create your new flow.

Runtime environment

Deploy your flows in secured and isolated containers whose healths and lifecycles are managed automatically by the reliable container platform (CF)

Bixby Capsule Support

You can create a flow using the Capsule label node and Capsule result node. You can run this flow using the Capsule for Automation Studio. We have already developed the capsule for Automation Studio. It is listed on Bixby Marketplace.

Remote-endpoint makes your business logic more flexible on Bixby Voice. "Capsule label" node allows you to call the remote-endpoint without developing a capsule.

Use a remote-endpoint to your capsules?

Get a paradigm shift when using Bixby and its platform for an advanced state of conversational AI and voice. Jump on the Bixby train and be ready for the 500 million, Bixby-enabled, Samsung devices that ships yearly. As these are enabled with remote-endpoints making it more to flexibly code on Bixby capsules.

Capsule Node

Decide which name is called through Bixby Voice without developing a capsule.

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SmartThings Support

WebHook endpoints in this context is a web services application. It serves as an API endpoint on the internet, that receives incoming HTTP POST requests. WebHook endpoints must be an HTTPS URL.

Rapidly build a SmartApp by connecting devices and SmartThings services easily.

What is the Automation?

Automation allows the user to control their SmartThings ecosystem without any manual intervention. An example of an Automation is a WebHook that uses the SmartThings REST API to control and get status notifications from SmartThings devices.

Automation Node

Connect easily with the SmartThings SmartApp using a Web Hook endpoint.

DeviceProfile Node

Know what Capability you need? Find the 71 Capabilities of SmartThings.

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Get Started

You can start a free trial. The 6th Promotion will end when the free trial code we have prepared are exhausted. *[Sign up][1] for a Samsung account, if you do not already have one.

The minimum requirements are:

  • Samsung Account
  • Signed up to SmartThings or Bixby Developers
  • Get the subscription code
  • Development service level

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Use our node on your server!

You can find our node named "samsung-automation-studio" in Node-RED community and can install it in node-RED. You can keep your flows through the Import/Export.

npm install node-red-contrib-samsung-automation-studio-nodes
  • Self-managed servers
  • Limited features

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