Samsung Automation Studio

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The Automation Studio allows you to integrate Samsung Bixby, SmartThings and 3rd party (your) APIs. Connect it with Samsung Bixby and SmartThings!

You can start a free trial. The 6th Promotion will end when the free trial code we have prepared are exhausted.

Supported by Bixby Voice

You can create a flow using the Capsule label node and Capsule result node. You can run this flow using the Capsule for Automation Studio. We have already developed the capsule for Automation Studio. It is listed on Bixby Marketplace.

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Supported by SmartThings

WebHook endpoints in this context is a web services application. It serves as an API endpoint on the internet, that receives incoming HTTP POST requests. WebHook endpoints must be an HTTPS URL.

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Workspace Support

Samsung Automation Studio manages and stores your designed files. You can deploy by simply exporting and import the files from the server to the server. Don't worry. All files are encrypted and securely stored.

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