SmartThings My Device

Directly control SmartThings devices without even registering the Automation by using the Automation Studio. To do this, you are advised to get your 'PAT (Personal Access Token)' and the 'Device ID' of SmartThings before you can make a flow.

  1. Set your PAT on the 'My Device' Node
    a. Get a PAT.

    • SmartThings API Reference, Authentication :
    • PATs can be created and managed on the personal access token page.
      b. Set your PAT.
      c. Get your device list.
  2. Select the device that you want to use on the your device list.
    a. Check the device label, capabilities and selected device.

3 Select the device you want on the 'Status'/'Command' Node.

  1. Make a Flow using 'Status'/'Command' Node that was set.
    a. sample use case : A bulb switch control using the REST API