Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK

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Samsung Blockchain Platform SDKSDK Version : 1.0.00   |   Oct 29, 2019   |   674.42KB
API Reference(JavaDoc)Doc Version : 1.0.00   |   Oct 29, 2019   |   211.09KB


The Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK brings developers and consumers to the blockchain world by providing a full set of functions that the Decentralized App (DApp) or Blockchain App needs. It helps developers to manage blockchain accounts easily and to make a transaction easier by abstracted transfer APIs for each type of ledger system. The Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK offers a cryptocurrency payment solution with its UI.

For security reason, using a hardware wallet is recommended to Blockchain service users. With this, Samsung Blockchain SDK links a DApp to a hardware wallet for secure signing. The SDK also has a blockchain browser solution, Cucumber. It helps to invite web-based DApp into mobile environment without any change on the existing web code.

Currently the Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK supports Ethereum. Also it can be linked with Samsung Blockchain Keystore or Ledger’s device.

The Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK allows:

  • Generation, storage and management of Blockchain accounts
  • Restore all valid accounts following BIP-44 and BIP-32
  • Make a transaction easily by abstracted APIs and return the result of transfer (txid)
  • Support ETH, ERC20, ERC721 and raw transaction transfer
  • 3 types of payment UI is supported especially focused on cryptocurrency remittance
  • Support retrieving data from smart contract
  • Enablement of hardware wallet like Samsung KeyStore or other external cold wallets. (Currently 1 device is allowed at an instance)
  • Support a secure signing by linked hardware with abstracted API
  • Cucumber, a dedicated mobile DApp browser which is built using Android WebView for web DApps, is supported. It acknowledges transaction occur so that DApp can show payment UI to users. The transfer result will be returned to DApp. Cucumber can help web-based DApp integration into mobile environment without any change on web code.

If you are a partner with Samsung, the additional features are available:

  • The facilitation of Samsung’s Blockchain Proxy Node - getting transaction history, cryptocurrency-fiat currency rate, several partners’ ERC721 item information and listing on Samsung Blockchain Wallet


Sample ApplicationApp Version : 1.0.00   |   Oct 29, 2019   |   1.92MB

Try downloading this sample application Most of the functions of the Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK is implemented here. This will definitely be helpful for developers who is about to start to build their own first DApp.



Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK is a superset of SDKs. It focuses to offer a friendly blockchain solution especially for mobile developers. You can use Keystore SDK if you already have DApp development experience when you need a hardware wallet. But still you may need a deeper knownledge to use it so that Platform SDK may be a better option for beginners. The main difference is the existence of network module. Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK is available to communicate with an external blockchain node providing a payment solution. Also Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK has Cucumber(web-based DApp browser which is built using Android WebView) so it is helpful to reduce costs to build your DApp for mobile environment.


Samsung Blockchain SDK: For Beginners. The Blockchain DApp developer needs a simple payment solution, DApp without handset limitation, integrated with various cold wallets, and a legacy player who already has an experience with e-commerce (ex. Online shopping app).

Samsung Blockchain Keystore SDK: For DApp partners who needs a key storage to directly handle it.


It supports Ethereum. You can see ERC20 token and ERC721 item information when it follows ERC20/ERC721 specification.


No. Samsung Blockchain Platforms SDK doesn’t have any device or region dependency.

But, please note that it needs a cold wallet so that it follows the cold wallet’s restriction.

For example, you can use your DApp integrated with SDK on ANY device released by Samsung when you connect to external cold wallet. But if you use the Samsung KeyStore, it has to be same with the KeyStore’s restriction.