Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK

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Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK
(SDK Version : 1.1.01   |   Apr 12, 2021   |   2.31MB)
API Reference(JavaDoc)
(Doc Version : 1.1.01   |   Apr 12, 2021   |   1.49MB)
Sample Application - Aero Wallet
(App Version : 1.1.01   |   Apr 12, 2021   |   3.22MB)


The Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK brings developers and consumers to the blockchain world by providing a full set of functions that the Decentralized App (DApp) or Blockchain App needs. It helps developers to manage blockchain accounts easily and to make a transaction easier by abstracted transfer APIs for each type of ledger system. The Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK offers a cryptocurrency payment solution with its UI.

For security reason, using a hardware wallet is recommended to Blockchain service users. With this, Samsung Blockchain SDK links a DApp to a hardware wallet for secure signing. The SDK also has a blockchain browser solution, Cucumber. It helps to invite web-based DApp into mobile environment without any change on the existing web code.

The Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK currently supports Ethereum and TRON. Also, it can be linked with Samsung Blockchain Keystore or Ledger’s device.


The Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK allows:

  • generation, storage and management of Blockchain accounts
  • restoration of all valid accounts following BIP-44 and BIP-32
  • creation of transaction easily by abstracted APIs and return the result of transfer (txid)
  • ETH, ERC20, ERC721 and raw transaction transfer
  • TRX, TRC10, TRC20 and raw transaction transfer
  • various forms of payment UI focusing, especially, on cryptocurrency remittance
  • retrieval of data from smart contract
  • enablement of hardware wallet; Samsung Blockchain Keystore, Nano X & Nano S by Ledger.
  • secure signing by linked hardware wallet with abstracted API
  • Cucumber, a dedicated mobile DApp browser which is built using Android WebView for web DApps. It can show payment UI to users by listening the transaction occurred on browser. The transfer result will be returned to DApp. Cucumber can help web-based DApp integration into mobile environment without any change on web code.

Supported Mainnet

Mainnet Supports SDK version
ETH, ERC20, ERC721 1.0.00
TRX, TRC10, TRC20 1.1.00