Release Note Apr 6, 2020


  • Release Version : 1.1.00
  • Release Date : Apr 6, 2020
  • Release Contents : Download contents in here. Description of content are below.


Provides Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK libraries in aar format

Documents API References For more information about Samsung Blockchain Platform APIs, see API Reference

Programming Guide Programming Guide includes Getting Started, Using the Sblockchain class, explanation on how to implement features and Glossary
Samples Sample Application Sample application(AeroWallet) includes most functions supported by Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK. (2020.06.01. bug fixed)
Codelab Contents Create shopping application with Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK and pay using Ethereum network. Project files and instruction guide is also supported. [Developing a Simple Blockchain Payment Application]

Change History

Support Tron Native

  • TronService is added for account management, transaction management. TRX, TRC10, TRC20 and smart contract call is supported.

  • New Payment UI for Tron is added.

  • Both sign methods for normal transaction and personal message are supported.

Support Tron signing with Keystore

Support Tron signing with External Cold Wallet

  • External cold wallet integration is supported. Currently it supports Nano X, Nano S by Ledger.

Update Cucumber

  • Update Web3.js version to 1.2.2.

  • TronWeb provider is added

Fix bugs

  • 2020.06.01 Sample Application - Aero Wallet "send to smart contract error" bug fixed.

Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK first release.

Samsung Blockchain Platform SDKSDK Version : 1.0.00   |   Oct 29, 2019   |   674.42KB