Using the CoinNetworkInfo class

Basically, the Platform SDK does not provide a specific Blockchain node information which we can use for interaction.

The Platform SDK interacts with the Blockchain network that the developer created. To use APIs that need blockchain node interaction, utilize the CoinNetworkInfo instance that was created by the constructor. This class requires CoinType, NetworkInfo, and JSON-RPC URL String. If you don’t have your own JSON-RPC server, the free trial version of is recommended to use.

String RPC_ENDPOINT = ""
CoinNetworkInfo coinNetworkInfo =
    new CoinNetworkInfo(

After creation, you can use CoinNetworkInfo instance to SDK’s APIs like a getCoinService.

EthereumService etherService =
    (EthereumService) CoinServiceFactory

If you want to use the same CoinNetworkInfo every time, those values must be managed somewhere.