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Bring your Unity Game to the Samsung Galaxy Store

Learn how to reach a new gaming audience by publishing your Unity games in Galaxy Store.

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Browsing the Web on the Samsung Galaxy Watch4

Ada takes Samsung Internet for the new Samsung Galaxy Watch4 through its paces.


Build a Widget for Galaxy Watch


Build the Tizen .NET NuGet Package

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Building with Security First on the SmartThings Platform

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CES 2019: Something For Everyone, No Matter How You Slice It


Changes to Tizen.NET from Xamarin.Forms 4.2.0

tutorials Galaxy Watch, Health

Check Which Sensor You Can Use in Galaxy Watch Running Wear OS Powered by Samsung

Develop a wearable app for Galaxy Watch4 that shows if a sensor is accessible

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Code Lab at SDC23: A Quick Recap

Here's a quick recap of Code Lab, one of the SDC23 highlights.

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Coming to You from the Heart of Silicon Valley, the Inaugural Samsung Developer Podcast

We're excited to announce the launch of the Samsung Developers podcast - POW!

tutorials Galaxy Watch

Connect Galaxy Watch to Android Studio over Wi-Fi

Learn how to set up Android Studio and your Galaxy Watch, operating on Wear OS powered by Samsung, for testing and debugging apps over Wi-Fi.

Connect to Devices on Remote Test Lab using RDB in Android Studio
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Connect to Devices on Remote Test Lab Using RDB in Android Studio

Use Remote Debug Bridge (RDB) to test and debug applications in Android Studio over an adb connection to a real device on Remote Test Lab.

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Connect with SmartThings and Zigbee Alliance at SDC in San Jose: Oct. 29-30

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Connecting Galaxy Watch to Watch Face Studio over Wi-Fi

Learn how to deploy your watch face from Watch Face Studio to a Galaxy Watch using WFS or ADB.


Connecting Smart TV and Visual Studio

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Control Rinnai Water Heaters with SmartThings

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Create ASTC Textures Faster With the New astcenc 2.0 Open Source Compression Tool

Adaptive Scalable Texture Compression (ASTC) is an advanced lossy texture compression format, developed by Arm and AMD and released as royalty-free open standard by the Khronos Group.

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Create Eye-Catching Galaxy Store Listings With The Watch Asset Creator

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Create Jaw-Dropping Social Media Visuals with Our New Galaxy Store Social Media Kit

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Create Your Tizen Web App On Visual Studio Code

tutorials IoT

Creating a Matter Virtual Device

SmartThings provides the Matter virtual device application which can be used to test and optimize various device types. In this tutorial, you will learn about the architecture of Matter devices and how to develop Matter devices.

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Creating your First APK with the Cordova CLI - Part I

Learn how to use Apache Cordova to create mobile Apps with web technologies

tutorials Web, Mobile

Creating your First APK with the Cordova CLI - Part II

Learn how to use Apache Cordova to create mobile Apps with web technologies

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Current Web on Galaxy Fold

How to make sure your website looks great on the Galaxy Fold

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Cómo Usar el Samsung In-App Purchase SDK en sus Juegos Creados con Unity

Aprenda a usar el SDK de compras desde Aplicaciones en sus juegos de Unity y tenga una nueva forma de monetización

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Dark Mode in Samsung Internet

NB: This article is contributed by Samsung Internet lead engineer Varun Paturi

announcement IoT

December Release - Beta Drivers for SmartThings Edge

New Zigbee and Z-Wave device releases for SmartThings-managed Edge Drivers.

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Design a Single Responsive Layout for Foldable Phones Using Android Guidelines

Start using Guideline to make a responsive layout in your applications.

tutorials Galaxy Watch

Design Complications Using Watch Face Studio

Learn how to add complications to your watch face design using Watch Face Studio for Galaxy Watches running on Wear OS powered by Samsung.

tutorials Galaxy Watch

Detect When a Galaxy Watch Is Being Worn

How to use and override the Galaxy Watch off-body sensor.