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Best Practices of App Development for Various Screen Sizes—Powered by Good Lock

Learn about developing adaptable applications that support features specific to foldable and large screen devices.

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Introducing a New Webex App Experience for Samsung Galaxy Foldables and Tablets

The Webex app for Samsung Galaxy foldables and tablets brings a new level of productivity and flexibility for on-the-go collaboration.

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Code Lab at SDC23: A Quick Recap

Here's a quick recap of Code Lab, one of the SDC23 highlights.

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Must See SDC22 Sessions

Online and in-person tech sessions you don't want to miss.

Remembering the Top Moments of SDC from Years Past
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Remembering the Top Moments of SDC from Years Past

Memories from our favorite event, from the Samsung Developer Relations team

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Implementing Drag-and-Drop across Apps in Multi-Window Mode

Learn how to implement drag-and-drop for Galaxy Z Fold devices.

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Unpacked August 2022: Developing an Unfolding World

Get your apps ready for the next generation of foldable devices.

Adobe Acrobat Reader
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Shilpi Aggarwal Discusses Adobe's Award-Winning Acrobat Reader

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Start Your Learning Journey with Code Lab

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Foldable Adaptation Essentials: App Continuity and Multi-Window Handling

Learn how to adapt app continuity and multi-window in your app.

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Adapt Your App to Foldable Devices for an Optimal User Experience

Foldable technology for mobile is a groundbreaking experience. Get a better understanding about the adaptation, modification, and design changes that are required.

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Adapt Your App for Galaxy Flex Mode

To provide users with a convenient and versatile foldable experience, developers need to optimize their apps to meet the Flex Mode standard. In this article, we discuss some APIs of Google’s new WindowManager library to optimize apps for Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold2 devices.

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Farewell, Flat. Get Your Apps Ready for Galaxy Z Fold2

Learn how Flex mode, App Continuity, and Multi-Active Window impact your application.

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Seven Mistakes To Avoid When Developing For The Galaxy Fold

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How To Update Your Apps For Foldable Displays