Making even the most complex easy to digest.

Reading data. With charts.

Users are now exposed to more data than ever. With charts that can be tailored to any requirements, Samsung charts bring complex data to life.

Designing clarity

Data is filtered and visualized with great precision to create stunning results.


Important values are emphasized to express complex data in a simple format. Charts intuitively visualize data, freeing users to focus on the data at hand.
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desktop mobile


Each element follows design principles that are Samsung in every sense. Round corners allow for seamless integration with other design elements, while consistent data visualization enhances accuracy.


Each data is assigned its own unique color and meaning. Thoughtfully categorized data colors ensures consistency while allowing values to remain distinct.
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Easy to discover

Interactive charts mean visualizing data like never before. Leveraging interaction design makes discovering key information easy.

Intuitive structure and categorization

Charts are designed to provide a deeper understanding of the story behind data. Depending on the complexity, charts leverage interactive elements, as well as data and base value, to sum up what the data means. Vast volumes of data are neatly organized while emphasizing key information, all while being easy to use.