A family of uniquely localized Samsung typefaces.

Embodying the Samsung identity

The SamsungOne font provides a consistent voice to our wide range of products. Legible with a sturdy posture, the font incorporates our core values of reliability, expertise, modernity, and friendliness. Our localized fonts connect people and cultures around the world to create a universal Samsung experience.

Accessible yet refined

Fonts are designed to create an exceptional accessibility experience for all users, no matter what the device.


We strive for simple design that symbolizes reliability and expertise. Handwriting-like details add a human touch to user communication.
desktop mobile
desktop mobile


Elements of Samsung’s brand identity are imparted in the details of SamsungOne. Our design philosophy to be bold is symbolized through the dynamic angles achieved with the font’s size, shape, curves, and strokes.


SamsungOne covers more than 400 languages. Overcoming cultural and language differences, the Samsung family of typefaces ensure each font maintains the look and feel of Samsung.
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desktop mobile


Icons are designed to look and feel consistently Samsung across devices. Fully modularized, icons follow consistent design rules to form a family of icons.

Legible & Scalable

SamsungOne is legible from any device, language, and size. Every angle, stroke, and dot are analyzed to ensure unmatched legibility and clarity.
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Communicating with the world.
The Samsung typeface.

The Samsung family of fonts was created after thoroughly analyzing 26 writing systems, 400 languages, and 25,000 glyphs. SamsungOne delivers an integrated experience by localizing fonts to each language while maintaining the Samsung identity.