UX Writing

Designing user experiences with words.

Make every word count

UX writing can make or break the user experience. To go above and beyond, we communicate as a character—your empowering ally. The user is always the hero. And our writing? It gives the hero tools to be amazing.

Your empowering ally

Communicating with users in one voice across Samsung products.

Be concise

Concise sentences not only save space, but are easier to read. Your empowering ally gets to the point fast so users are able to stay focused.
desktop mobile
desktop mobile

Use plain language

Complex sentences and big words decrease readability and usability. We use plain language to communicate information. With everyone.

Put users first

Your empowering ally writes from the user’s point of view. The user always comes first, not the device or service.
desktop mobile
desktop mobile

Be inclusive

As an international brand, our goal is to be globally inclusive. Everyone is welcome and we can show that in the language of our products.

Hundreds of languages.
One consistent voice.

Samsung users live all over the world and speak a variety of languages. Communicating as Your empowering ally means our voice is consistent, no matter the language. Though our voice is constant, we adapt our tone to fit the context and the user’s state of mind.