Air Actions

Q1. Is it possible to add RemoteActions in multiple activities of one app?

Only 1 remote action per app is allowed. If you define RemoteActions to several activities, then all other RemoteActions except one may be ignored.

Q2. Is it possible to receive camera shutter events from S-Pen without implementing RemoteActions?

When the camera module is activated, the S-Pen framework generates a selfie-stick event (Volume Down button). In order to handle the shutter event generated by S-Pen, you need to implement a response to the KEYCODE_VOLUME_DOWN event in your KeyEvent Callback. Know more by visiting: https://developer.android.com/training/keyboard-input/commands

Q3. Is it possible to receive Media events from S-Pen without implementing RemoteActions?

If your app implements Media controller, your app is controlled by S-Pen. Know more by visiting: https://developer.android.com/reference/android/widget/MediaController

Q4. Sample application doesn’t respond to S-Pen gestures

Please make sure that the Tutorial app is activated in the Air actions settings.
(Settings > Advanced features > S Pen > Air actions > App actions > Tutorial app -> On)

Q5. My application doesn’t respond to S-Pen gestures.

Check if your app is shown in the Air actions settings. Select the app icon in the settings to activate it. (Settings > Advanced features > S Pen > Air actions > App actions) If your app is not visible in the settings, please refer to Q6.

Air actions of newly installed apps are disabled by default. If you want to enable Air actions of your app by default, you have to add “enable_key” attribute to the RemoteActions XML file. In order to issue “enable_key”, you need to submit the following information about your app to spen.sec@samsung.com.

  • App Name:
  • Package Name:
  • Main questions related to Air actions:
    Q1) Does this application use media session? (Yes or No)
    Q2) Does it support background play? (Yes or No)
  • Description:
    (Please explain user scenario when using Air actions)

Q6. I have implemented RemoteActions, but it is not displayed in the Air actions settings.

If there is an error in RemoteActions XML, it may not be displayed normally in settings. Make sure that Resource ID is specified in the label attribute. Text is not allowed. Also, check if there are any actions with the same priority. Duplicate specification of the same priority is not allowed.

Q7. I want to handle raw data of the S Pen’s motion directly.

Air actions provide a way to map your app’s actions to predefined gestures. If you want to handle raw data of the S Pen’s motion, please refer to S Pen Remote SDK.

S Pen Remote SDK

Q1. Can S Pen events be received in the app of background state?

It is restricted to handle in the foreground activity only. All SpenEventListeners should be unregistered when the activity is paused.

Q2. How long is the S Pen Remote available?

The usage time differs for each device. If the SpenEventListener of S Pen’s motion is registered, its sensor is kept enabled and its battery consumption is increased. Afterwards, you can increase the time usage only when the motion data is necessary.

Q3. Using the S Pen Remote SDK, can I get gesture recognition results for circular or swiping motions?

The SDK should only be used when handling raw data of the S Pen Event. If the circular or swiping gestures are sufficient for your app, it is recommended to implement Air actions instead.