Category Air Actions Note 9 Note 10, Tab S6
Pen Button Single press o o
Double press o o
Gestures Up x o
Down x o
Left x o
Right x o
Clockwise circle x o
Anti-clockwise circle x o

※ S Pen for Note 9: Support BLE

※ S Pen for Note 10, Tab S6: Support BLE, accelerometer and 3D gyroscope

Air Actions

This guide describes how to map Air Actions functionality on the S Pen, corresponding to its button press and motion gestures.

The new feature of the S Pen recognizes hand motion gestures, which can be set to respond to directional motions: Up, Down, Left, Right, Clockwise, and Counterclockwise. It is possible to add these button and motion functionalities to as many app features as you want.

Figure 1 S Pen Remote

Figure 2 Camera Control via Air Actions

Figure 3 Media Control via Air Actions

With the Air actions, you can use the desired app features from a distance; take pictures and play music with just a press of a button; change the volume, or view the next pictures with your hand motions.

S Pen Remote SDK

The Note10 S Pen has both gyroscope and accelerometer sensors, which provide moving coordinates to the phone. With the S Pen Remote SDK, you can use these coordinates and implement those into your apps. Greatly enhance the user experience on your games and apps with the motion gesture recognition using the S Pen Remote SDK.

Figure 4 Air Actions on S Pen Remote SDK