Advocacy Team

Daniel Appelquist

Dan is the director of Web Advocacy at Samsung Internet, co-chair of the Technical Architecture Group at the W3C and a member of the UK Government Open Standards Board and the MDN Product Advisory Board. He lives and breathes the open web.

@torgo | | Medium | github

#WebStandards #ProgressiveWebApps #OpenWeb #InternetPrivacy

Ada Rose Cannon

Ada Rose Cannon, is a developer advocate for the Samsung Internet Web Browser and co-chair of the W3C Immersive Web working group. Her expertise lies in Web Performance and she is passionate about VR & AR on the Web. | @AdaRoseCannon | Medium | github

#WebVR #ProgressiveWebApps #WebPerformance

Laura Morinigo

Laura is a developer advocate at Samsung Internet. Her interests are Progressive Web Apps, emerging technologies like Voice and she loves sharing her knowledge to build more inclusive technologies.

@thisislalaok | Medium | github

#ProgressiveWebApps #A11y #Voice