Quick suggest FAQMay 12, 2018

What is Quick suggest?

Quick suggest is your own personal shopper. It gets important info right when you need it while you browse. It suggests related articles, awesome offers, expert reviews take your shopping to the next level with Samsung Internet. More to follow.

How does it work?

If you have enabled Quick suggest, it keeps looking for relevant offers while you browse the web in Samsung Internet, when it finds it, Quick suggest icon floats on right-bottom corner. You can click the icon to access all the relevant info to access all the relevant info to save time and money while you shop online.

Can I turn Quick suggest on and off?

Absolutely! You can either snooze Quick suggest from showing up while you browsing for some time or turn it off. To turn off of snooze, you can either click on ‘setting’ icon like below or by clicking on Menu > Extensions > Quick suggest. You can turn-on Quick suggest anytime by turning on Menu > Extensions > Quick suggest.

When does the Quick suggest button show up?

Quick suggest icon automatically shows up when it finds a relevant deal, review or matching product information for the current web page you are browsing. If there are no offers for the web page you are on, Quick suggest does not show up. (optional: and you cannot force the icon to show up if not available).

What are cash back deals?

Cash back deals let you earn money for purchases you make at select merchants when you pay with Samsung Pay. The cash back earned is in addition to any cash back earned through credit card or merchant offers.

How do I activate cash back deals?

To activate cash back deals, install and sign in to Samsung Pay. Then just tap one of the cash back deals offered in Quick suggest

Why do I need Samsung Pay for cash back deals?

Samsung Pay lets you access exclusive cash back deals from select merchants. To get these deals, you need to install and sign in to Samsung Pay on your phone.

How do I know how much cash back I’ve earned?

You'll get a notification each time you earn cash back. You can see all of the cash back you've earned in Samsung Pay > Cash back history.

Where can I spend cash back?

You can load the cash back you earn onto a Samsung Rewards card in Samsung Pay and spend it anywhere Samsung Pay is accepted.

Where can I buy discounted gift cards?

You can buy discounted gift cards directly through Samsung Pay. We'll let you know if there's a gift card for the site you're browsing while you shop online in Samsung Internet.

How do I use gift cards?

Any gift cards you buy go directly into the Gift card section of your Samsung Pay wallet. You can use them online or in-store. To use them online, just enter the gift card number and PIN (if applicable) on the merchant's site when you check out.

Why do I need Samsung pay for discounted gift cards?

Samsung Pay offers access to exclusive gift card deals from select merchants. To buy these discounted gift cards, you need to install and sign in to Samsung Pay on your phone.