App Testing

Do you want to test your app on a Samsung device but don't have access to one? Using the Remote Test Lab, remote access to an actual Samsung device is available!

From a supported Java-enabled web browser, log in to your Samsung account, and launch Remote Test Lab.

Using Remote Test Lab, you can:

  • Install and test Android (.apk) and Tizen (.tpk and .wgt) files
  • Access devices such as Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Note, Galaxy S, Galaxy Tab, Samsung A, Galaxy/Gear Watch, and Family Hub (additionally, if the device supports S Pen, you can change the input mode to test your S Pen apps)
  • Manage apps
  • Automate tests
  • Share sessions
  • Capture screenshots
  • Record video
  • Monitor and download log information
  • Use the ADB command-line tool

For access to devices released in China, see the Remote Development Test Platform.