Wrapping up 2021 and Welcoming 2022

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The Galaxy Store Seller Portal team was busy this year, providing new and improved features based on your feedback. We’d like to wrap up this year by highlighting some of these features and asking for your comments, not only on these new features, but what you want to see in 2022. Your opinions are important to us because they let us know what is important to you.

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To refresh your memory, here are some of the highlights for Seller Portal in 2021:

APIs to manage and help you improve your apps

Galaxy Store Developer API: The Galaxy Store Developer API launched this year and contains a set of server-to-server APIs that provide access to different areas in Seller Portal. The Content Publish API allows you to view, modify, submit, and change the status of apps registered in Seller Portal. The IAP Publish API allows you to view, register, modify, and remove Samsung In-App Purchase (IAP) items. Finally, the Galaxy Store Statistics (GSS) API allows you to view statistics about apps registered in Galaxy Store. Get started with the Galaxy Store Developer API now!

Galaxy Store Review API: The Galaxy Store Review API allows you to gather feedback from your customers by adding a link from your app. You can choose to have customers rate and review your app without leaving the app or open the app review page in Galaxy Store.

Beta test multiple versions of any app at any time

Several enhancements to beta testing were introduced this year. The first set of enhancements included the ability to beta test an app that is being registered or is under review and to run open and closed beta tests simultaneously. Next came the ability to import your beta app if no updates were required. The final set of enhancements included the ability to run up to six beta tests simultaneously and managing your beta apps using the Galaxy Store Developer API. You can run multiple targeted beta tests for the same app and quickly assess which features to include in your next release.

Reduce risks when releasing your app

Flexible Publication Options: Deploy your app to Galaxy Store according to your release schedule. Select one of three app distribution settings to specify how your app is distributed: publish automatically, publish on date, or publish manually.

Staged Rollout: Staged rollout allows you to distribute your app gradually while monitoring user responses. If there is an unexpected issue with your app, you can quickly and easily pause the distribution of your app while you fix the problem. In the meantime, new customers are able to download the previous version of your app.

Request Commercial Seller status using D-U-N-S authentication

D-U-N-S® (Data Universal Numbering System) is a unique 9-digit number provided and managed by Dun & Bradstreet. Request Commercial Seller status using a D-U-N-S number instead of submitting a business registration certificate to speed up the business verification process.

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What’s next in 2022?

Help us decide what’s next for Seller Portal. Voice your opinion about how Seller Portal can be improved. Change is a chance. Make your voice heard and make Galaxy Store Seller Portal your shortcut to success. Share your thoughts by participating in our short survey.

Thank you and best wishes for 2022!

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