Engage Millions of Viewers Worldwide

With demand for video services constantly growing, now is the perfect opportunity to publish applications for Samsung Smart TVs. We provide the tools and guidance you need to create applications, attract and engage customers, and manage your application on millions of TVs worldwide.  Not ready for such large scale? You can start in 1 country and expand later. Either way, we can help you succeed.


Content Policy

Applications without violent or pornographic contentor abusive language

Seller Office

Exclusive portal for submitting, managing, and promoting your applications

Samsung Apps TV

Single store with the widest Smart TV coverage and easy application discovery

Successful Submission

Application Package

Before submitting your application, make sure the application package follows the packaging requirements.


Thorough self-testing against the quality guidelines speeds up the distribution process and ensures users get a high-quality experience.

Test Environment

To ease the testing process, provide a detailed application description and test accounts that can access your content server.


Register application icons and screenshots which increase interest in your application. Regional content managers can help you enhance application visibility.