Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Extension APIs


The TizenFX TV APIs enables you to access features specific to Samsung Smart TVs and to extend the capabilities of your application beyond those provided by the TizenFX APIs.

Tizen TV UIControls

Consider using Tizen TV UIControls for developing TV applications.

The Tizen TV UIControls is a helpful extension of Xamarin Forms for the Samsung Smart TV.

The extension provides many UI controls that you would like to use when developing TV applications.

Check out the below Wiki pages to learn more and also the Guides and the API Reference to see what you can use.

What are Provided by Tizen TV UI Controls

  • MediaPlayer 1
    MediaPlayer 1
  • MediaPlayer 2
    MediaPlayer 2
  • RecycleItemsView 1
    RecycleItemsView 1
  • RecycleItemsView 2
    RecycleItemsView 2
  • RecycleItemsView 3
    RecycleItemsView 3
  • RemoteControl