Tizen .NET API References

The Tizen .NET TV framework provides a rich set of interfaces, allowing you to build compelling TV applications with native application performance.

You can use the following APIs in .NET TV applications:

  • TizenFX TV API References
    The TizenFX TV API enables you to access features specific to Samsung TVs, to extend the capabilities of your application beyond those provided by the TizenFX API.
  • TizenFX API References
    The TizenFX API enables you to access platform-specific features, such as retrieving system information, application information, and sensor data, and using account and connectivity services.

  • .NET Standard 2.0 API References
    The .NET Standard 2.0 API implements the .NET base class library, which allows you to use the C# language and its features, such as collections, threading, file I/O, and LINQ.

  • Xamarin.Forms API References
    Xamarin.Forms enables you to efficiently build a user interface from standard components, using C# or XAML.