Getting Started

The following steps must be followed before integrating the Samsung Blockchain Keystore SDK:

  1. Prepare a device for development.
    Please refer to the Keystore SDK Restrictions section for the list of devices that support Samsung Blockchain Keystore.

  2. Download the Samsung Blockchain Keystore aar file.

  3. Configure your IDE to integrate Samsung Blockchain Keystore with your Android app.

  4. Create an “aar” directory if you don’t have one. Add the downloaded Keystore aar file to the “aar” directory in your Android project.

  5. Go to Gradle Scripts > build.gradle and enter the following dependencies:

dependencies {
	repositories {
			dirs 'aar'

implementation ''
  1. Import the package into your code.
  1. For the release version of your Android app, in your Android Manifest file, add a metadata with a name as “scw_app_id” and a value as the App ID issued by Samsung Blockchain Keystore team. Samsung Blockchain Keystore aar file will read this value whenever your Android app is initialized and helps your Android app connect to Samsung Blockchain Keystore.
<manifest xmlns:android=""
		<meta-data android:name="scw_app_id" android:value= <!-- PUT YOUR APP ID HERE --> />

Developer Mode

Samsung Blockchain Keystore provides a “Developer Mode” to help developers test the Samsung Blockchain Keystore. In Developer Mode, the App ID verification is bypassed, so Samsung Blockchain Keystore APIs will be enabled.

Developers can activate Developer Mode by following the steps below:

  1. Go to the Samsung Blockchain Keystore .
    Device > Settings > Biometrics and security > Samsung Blockchain Keystore
    (The path may differ depending on the device model.)

  2. General > About Blockchain Keystore

  3. Tap the “Samsung Blockchain Keystore” area quickly 10 times or more.

  4. If succeeded, "(Developer Mode)" will be shown before the version and it means the Developer Mode has been activated.

  5. Now you can test your app with Samsung Blockchain Keystore.

Take note, that only a limited number of devices can be activated for one test app.